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    1. Hi Shirley
      Anything to do with prolapse or laxity in general calls for Calc Fluor. You can add Ferrum Phos and Silicea which give a measure of strength to the tissues and will support the action of Calc Fluor in this regard. Calc Fluor is slow-acting so will take a reasonable measure of time to show its results, bearing in mind that the first thing that will happen is reducing the tendency toward laxity in all the tissues of the body. It is one that I come back to time and again, and is really important for all women – especially if they are mothers, or plan to be.
      All the best.

  1. Hi Alison,
    I need immediate help with my 12 year old female cat who ever time she eats she throws up. I picked her up and she is really skinny and frail. Please help. I also have a cat who I rescued who is 4 years old that was diagnosed with crystals in the urine and asthma. I need to help with him also.

    1. Hi Maria
      Have you taken your cat for a diagnosis at the vet, and ruled out the possibility of hairballs as a cause of the vomiting? It may be something as simple as that, and easy to fix with a kind of a gel. Sounds like it needs a professional assessment. From a tissue salt perspective, you may help him with Nat Phos, Nat Sulph and Kali Mur which can help to ease the acidity and liver function – depending on what the cause of the vomiting is. I’d certainly give him Calc Phos as well, as recommended in my previous reply to you (a few posts above, on Feb 15).
      Your other kitty also needs Calc Phos, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph and Silicea in relation to crystals in the urine; and you can use Ferrum Phos, Mag Phos and Kali Sulph for the asthma (Nat Sulph can play a role here too if you live in an area where there is lots of moisuture in the air, or humidity).
      Best wishes.

    1. We have never encountered a problem with with any of our clients using our biochemic Silicea; the reason being that Silicea tissue salt encourages the natural healing process of the body. In many cases of implants, there can be failures due to mechanical problems or weak bone tissue to begin with. Where tissues are damaged enough to cause cell death, the natural healing response will be septic and an attempt to clear the tissues of any decay, which may cause the implant to fail. Where the tissue structure is good to start with, and there is no overheating of the jaw bone during the procedure, healing should result. Silicea will assist the healing process of the body in either scenario. If the implant fails, it is not due to properly attenuated biochemic Silicea.

      I can’t speak for Silicea homoeopathic remedies (usually D12 / 12X and above, and some companies make homeopathic D6 / 6X), which behave differently to properly attenuated biochemic minerals and have garnered a reputation for causing rejection.

  2. Hi Alison
    which cell salt is good for sagging face (droopy cheeks) , turkey neck, sunken under eyes, puffy eyelids. I have 2 girls 5 and 8 years old they grind their teeth at night
    Thank you in advance for your help

    kind Regards

    1. Hi Yeshi
      You can use the Beauty Synergy, or its component salts – Nat Phos for droopy cheeks, Calc Fluor for elasticity, Silicea for connective tissue / sunken under-eye and Kai Sulph for collagen – turkey neck and anti aging in general; Nat mur for puffy eyelids.
      I’d use Calc Phos and Mag Phos for the tooth grinding – or the Osteo Synergy that contains them both together with the other tooth-related strengthening salts.
      All the best!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    I recently started using g cell salts myself and now I want to try it on my cats who have all been Rescue cats. My eldest is 11 years old and limps from a fracture femur which he obtained jumping wrong. It healed but he limps and sometimes he is in pain, he also has a dermatology condition and his skins is severely dry and it looks like dandruff. Now he is always coughing and sneezing and his ears which I clean frequently are always dirty really bad. Please advise.

    1. Hi Maria
      You can use our Arthro Synergy and Immuno Synergy and add Calc Phos – the combination of salts in those should address his joint, skin, respiratory and ear issues. If you prefer to use the individual salts, you can just make a list of what are in those and use them individually, about twice a day if you can.
      All the best,

  4. Hi Alison, I live in Durban and have a 17 year old cat who is living with Chronic Renal Failure (but doing remarkably well at present). She is taking Fortekor in the morning and Cortisone and Norvasc at night (for her kidneys, pain and blood pressure). Her potassium levels however are slightly low and I have been given K-Gel to give to her. She absolutely hates this stuff and fights me all the time. It is becoming a huge problem and she is stressing herself out and refuses to eat nicely once I have given it to her. I am only giving it to her every 3 days but it really is becoming a huge problem. Is there a tissue salt that I can give her to raise her potassium levels slightly? The vet said that the diaretic tablets she is taking is quite possibly the cause of her decreased potassium levels. I am currently giving her tissue salts (general tonic) every morning in her food and she is totally unaware of it’s presence which is great. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for any assistance or advice which you could offer.

    1. Hi Caroline
      Kali Sulph would probably be the best suited to the kidneys, but Kali Phos and Kali Mur are also potassium salts. If you are happy to give her all 3 of the potassium salts individually, or a combination like the Rescue Synergy (contains both of the others) and Kali Sulph, it would probably benefit her even more.
      Wishing you all the best with her πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Alison,
        Thank you so much for your advice. What dosage would you recommend I give to her, if I decide to do it individually as I don’t want to give her too much. She weighs 3.3kg.

        1. Hi Caroline
          Give her a tablet of each with her food, at least once a day. I think with such a chronic situation you could start off twice a day, (if she eats twice a day) for the first few weeks, then maintain her on once a day. There is no chance of overdosing with the tissue salts – they are measured in nanograms rather than milligrams, and will nourish her brain, nervous system, heart, condition the blood and oxygenate all the cells and soft tissues in her body. You should see her generally perk up and be less stressed in her coping mechanisms.

          1. That’s awesome, thank you so much for your help. I have been using Tissue Salts for my cats for about 15 years now and they are remarkable.

  5. Dear Alison,
    I have two rescued steet cats and both are diagnosed as FIV.
    IΒ΄d like to treat them with salts, could you recommend the right ones ? One of them have always gummy eyes , and both of them have gingivites in the mouth and lost some teeth.
    Can I get the salts online? I live in Spain.
    Kind Regards.

    1. Dear Candela
      I’d suggest that our Immuno Synergy would work really well for both of them, including for the gummy eyes. The salts that comprise the Immuno Synergy are listed, and it may be necessary to get the individual ones more locally – the Aura-Soma distributor, Pablo Martin Bearne, in Madrid (+34 619110318) should be able to supply our individual salts under the Aura-Soma label (they don’t distribute the Synergy range at this stage).
      Clients in Spain (and the Canary Islands) had some trouble with customs in importing from South Africa a few years ago – I’m not sure if Spain is that strict with importing from other countries who aren’t EU members (e.g. could you order health products easily from USA, Canada, China or Australia?). Parcels were inspected and sent back to South Africa by surface mail, about 4 – 9 months in some cases, hence our warning about Spain. I have no idea whether the Spanish customs policies have changed and your parcel would arrive without a lot of trouble. Perhaps sending via EMS (expedited mail service where there is a customs clearance and priority mail courier delivery on the other end) would be more successful, but it is an unknown risk nevertheless.
      All the best,

  6. Hi Alison

    My dog Jenny, who is a cross-breed, has been diagnosed with kidney disease (I think early stage, as her blood result was slightly above normal) and I would be grateful if you could recommend the appropriate tissue salt(s) which help this condition.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Tina
      Many thanks for your query and so sorry to hear your Jenny isn’t well. I have asked Alison and she suggests the Pure Synergy and Rescue Synergy to support the kidney function; probably about six of each daily spread over the day, twice or thrice, as you prefer.
      Kind regards Cindi

  7. Hi Alison

    I am very interested in using Allisone Tissue Salts and as I am unable to take any supplements that are sugar based this seems to be suitable for me. I understand that the tablets are sweet and pleasant tasting so could you please advise as to what the base is made up of. I am concerned about artificial sweeteners and their side effects.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Eve
      Thanks for your enquiry – I’m a little tardy in responding in that we had 2 burglaries in the last 2 weeks, losing two of our computers in the process, and causing a bit of mayhem in our digital world! To answer your query: we use a proprietary blend of sugar alcohols – similar to xylitol, but not xylitol as xylitol is toxic to some animals. There is some more information in this post about what sugar alcohols / polyols are. I hope that answers your concerns, and you are able to enjoy the benefits of using tissue salts!

  8. Hi Alison

    Are there any tissue salts that could help with varicose veins in the leg? They are just light blue and are not bulgy or anything but dont look nice so am looking for natural remedies to try first.

    Can you advise?
    elana sissison

    1. Hi Elana

      No 1 Calc Fluor is the primary tissue salt that will help with the elasticity of the veins, and to minimise the chances of varicose vein development. We have seen clients veins improving over the years; Calc Fluor is one of the ones that deals with all age-related sagging of tissues too. It is considered slow in action (compared for example to Mag Phos to counteract cramps) and needs to be taken for a longer period of time in order to see the change.

      The presence of iron can help to strengthen the vessel walls as well, so you could add Ferrum Phos to complement the Calc Fluor. Lastly, one would need to consider if there were any blood pressure problems contributing to the pressure of the vessels, and address that with the fluid balancing salts, Nat Mur and Nat Sulph. If your blood pressure is normal, there is no need for these two in the equation.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Janet

      Thank you for your query – I know that Yvonne responded to you as I was away at a conference (or two) when it arose. I’m not sure where the idea arose of tissue salts having a negative ionic charge as being the most potent form, but we have received a few queries along these lines. Tissue salts in their very essence are comprised of cation-anion pairs, positively and negatively charged ions that form an ionic complex, holding electric potential for the cells to take what they need once dissolved and carried in the water component of the body. Cations (positive ions) will be attracted by negatively charged cells or fluids, and anions to the positively charged cells or fluids. Perhaps this idea has more to do with ionic mineral supplements that aren’t tissue salts in the true sense of what Dr Schuessler created.

      I would describe our tissue salts as electromagnetically balanced bio-energetic minerals, where it is impossible to isolate the actual ions or molecules that they were derived from. When the chemical bonds of the crude mineral are broken, there is a release of energy absorbed into the neutral base, that is held in a bio-available form for the cells to absorb according to their own affinity for the particular mineral energy. Nothing can be forced into a cell that it doesn’t need or have an affinity for, and what it doesn’t require will be used as energy for metabolic processes.

      Hope that makes sense!

  9. Hi Alison. I’m suffering with extreme anxiety at the moment. I have just started taking Kali phos. Would this be the correct tissue salt take and how long can one take tissue salts. Can you take them for years or should it only be until you feel an improvement. Could they cause any harm if taken for long periods of time.
    Many thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Sach
      I know that Yvonne has responded to you whilst I was away, but wanted to just do so here as well for the benefit of other readers. Kali Phos is indeed the most appropriate one to take, and can be supported by Calc Phos or our Rescue Synergy, which contains the Mag Phos and Silicea as well. Calc Phos is often indicated if things start to feel ‘panicky’ and the Rescue Synergy supports the nervous system in times of stress, where there may be tension involved as well. As Yvonne noted to you, you might wish to start by using three tables of each product, at least three to four times a day, and reduce the dose and frequency when there is an improvement. You can also take 1 tablet of each product every 15 minutes when you’re feeling very anxious until you feel better. AllisOne tissue salts are very safe for everyone to use. The do not counteract or interfere with any medication or treatment.
      The cells will absorb what they need, and if there is a deficiency, an ‘overdraft’ that needs correcting, it will mean a healthy ‘deposit’ will improve the situation.
      Hope you feel better soon.
      In order to maintain and optimize health, it is preferable to supplement with tissue salts on a daily basis rather that ‘fix’ a condition when it arises.

  10. Hi Alison

    My sister was diagnosed with hib bursitis a few months ago and is in agony from it. She has had physio and other treatments but to no avail. Are there any tissue salts that may help relieve the inflammation in the bursa and therefore the pain? If so, please advise on what she needs to take and how often.

    Also, do you know of any alternative therapy that may help too?

    Hope you can help.
    Elana Sissison

    1. Hi Elana

      The tendons, bursae and ligaments take a long time to heal, especially with the movement associated with the joints. I had a lot of bursitis issues in my hands and wrists that developed when I was a practicing radiographer and persisted for years while I had young children until I started using tissue salts in my thirties. The salts that would help the most are Calc Fluor, Silicea and Ferrum Phos, and sometimes there is an acid component so the Nat Phos comes into it as well. All of these are in the Arthro Synergy – arthro meaning for the well-being of the joints, and not specific to any condition. I suggest starting with 3 tablets 5 times a day, and of course she should use any prescribed medication to cope with agonising pain.

      One of the biggest challenges with bursitis is to try to reduce the movement of the joint – not always desirable or easy to accomplish in our hectic lifestyle, but sometimes important just to rest with the feet up for a few days to reduce the aggravation of the bursae. I think the physio is probably best equipped to deal with the soft tissue injuries and perhaps has recommended ice or heat packs, depending on whether there is inflammation or a need to relax the surrounding muscles. A highly qualified biokineticist could be of value too – mine has helped me immensely with some back, neck and shoulder soft-tissue issues over the past year. Some health professionals advocate 99.9% DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) as a topical application to help with inflammatory joint pain / conditions, but I have no direct experience of it myself; it could be worth looking into.

      I really hope that things improve for your sister.
      Warm regards

  11. I really battle with a very hectic post nasal drip. To the extent that at times I cannot stop coughing. Maybe you can suggest a solution. Many thanks

    1. Hi Grizell

      Post nasal drip is usually related to Calc Phos, Nat Mur or Kali Mur tissue salts, depending on whether the drip is similar in consistency to raw egg white, watery or if the mucus is opaque white in colour. You could use the Rescue Synergy, that contains all three of these if it varies. If there is an environmental allergy component or inflammation associated with it, I’d suggest you try our Immuno Synergy. You’d need to use them quite frequently in the beginning, about 2 – 3 tablets at a time, starting with at least 5 times a day, or more if the symptoms are persistent.

      Apologies for the tardy reply as I missed the notification of your query; my computer decided to crash and visit ICU last Monday – it seems to need a prolonged stay, and it’s taken a little bit of time to sort out a substitute in the meantime!
      Kind regards

  12. Dear Alison, I hope im replying in the right place here. I really had no
    idea that there were other types of tissue salts or so called tissue salts
    out there. In fact upon reading your reply something clicked! I used to by a
    brand of tissue salts from the UK which worked excellently, but then they
    stopped making them and i started to buy from another online homeopathic
    supply company, and its these ones that im havig problems with, i couldnt
    work out why they were having such a strange effect, but from what you say
    this really makes sense now, they are more than likely NOT biochemic! I
    really wold love to purchase your tissue salts, however i live in France,
    are you able to ship to me? I did try and add a product to my cart but when
    my address comes up it says South Africa and i cant seem to edit and save
    it. Im so happy to have come across your website and the information you
    have provided, i feel now that there is hope in getting my children really
    well, but at the same time i am very disappointed that the other so called
    tissue salts i have been buying are not the real thing! Thank you so much
    Alison, you’ve really helped alot. If you could perhaps just let me know for
    the shipping to France id be greatful, kindest regards, Clare

    1. Dear Clare, thank you for your reply, I’m glad it makes sense to you.
      Yvonne has now sorted out the issue with the shop registration and responded to you that we do ship to most places in the EU without difficulty. Hopefully it will all go smoothly now!
      We are currently in the process of upgrading our website and blog, as it seems that there are occasional hiccups on the current one. Sincere apologies for that, and thank you very much for persevering and alerting us. I’m hoping I can get these recent comments over, and we will be able to switch to the new blog fairly soon. It also may mean a registration on the new blog in order to comment, unless the angels of databases are kind to us in the process!
      Kind regards,

      P.S. Thank you for resubmitting your comments so they can remain in the thread after the changeover – we would have duplicated all the comments if we had reimported them to include your recent ones. Really appreciate it!

  13. Dear Alison, I hope that you’ll get a chance to read and reply to my
    message, i see that the last question was some time ago. My question: I have
    two boys, aged 5 and 8, they are both tall, dark haired and very skinny.
    They both eat well but their weight never increases! When they sit you can
    see their spines which appear to curve outwards slightly and they both have
    crooked teeth. i chose Calc Phos as the best tissue salt for them, but after
    trying it a few times i stopped because they both seem to become hyeractive
    with very silly behaviour after, they are already quite lively but become
    worse after. My eldest son seems to have night terrors aswell each time i
    give it to him in the evening. Now in understand that with tissue salts and
    homeopathy the symptoms sometimes worsen before they get better and so im
    wondering if i continue to give them both the Calc Phos 6x perhaps 3 times
    per day things will gradually improve? Should i perhaps increase the potency
    to a 12x? Or do i need to change the tissue salt? Id be extremely greatful
    for some advice as soon as you have the time to reply. With kindest regards,

    1. Hi Clare,

      Thank you so much for this posting, and welcome to our new blog πŸ™‚

      I’m not sure if you are using the AllisOne tissue salts or something else, but ours are purely biochemic in manufacture and action (mineral replacement). Some companies make homeopathic tissue salts that behave differently – according to homeopathic principles of the law of similars, proving of the remedies, etc. Some of these use liquid dilutions in alcohol sprayed onto the tablets – it is not the same thing as working with the minerals from the get-go in solid form. If it is our product, then it is highly unusual to have an adverse effect, or behaviour deteriorating beyond the bounds of the norms. Sometimes there is a synchronicity that arises (with our product and / or others) where symptoms coincide with the introduction of a new product. We have found with ours that these events were prone to happen, and would have occurred whether or not the salts were introduced. For example, a client once called about a skin rash reaction all over her body the day following using the salts the first time. I requested she see her doctor, who diagnosed German Measles, that would have been incubating for the past few weeks and presented whether or not she had taken salts the night before.

      Calc Phos is certainly the biochemic mineral of choice for what you describe in your sons, and things should not get worse in any way before getting better if you have a biochemic product. I would definitely not increase to a D12 potency as this is a definite homeopathic product and would produce undesirable symptoms, or homeopathic proving, if it is not a homeopathic indication (different to a biochemic indication). You could also perhaps try Kali Phos in conjunction, if they are prone to hyperactive behaviour.

      Hope that helps. Kindest regards, Alison

  14. Good morning Alison

    Wishing you and your wonderful team, a very happy 2015! May this year bring about a realisation of all your dreams and desires!

    Tui continues to be a calm boy even though the loss of pigmentation around his eyes remains – difficult to say, but I feel there has been a little improvement there.. He is still eating a bag of Barley Grass powder each week, but is no longer taking it in a desperate greedy way. I wonder whether I could ask, do you have any thoughts?

    Many thanks

    1. Happy 2015 to you and your family too Helen, thank you for your wonderful wishes.

      Loss of pigmentation has to do with a lack of melanin, produced by the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) in the basal layer of the epidermis.
      In terms of tissue salts, the Kali Sulph is the predomininant epithelial skincare salt, and although is in the Beauty Synergy, it could be perhaps you want to add a little more of it into the routine by adding the single salt. I do believe that repair can happen, providing the cells have not been damaged too severely. It could take a little time, but I’m sure that if you feel there is slight improvement in this time, there probably is.

      You could consider supplementing with the amino acid Tyrosine – I see that it is used for horses to improve stamina in stressful situations. Melanin production is dependent on the oxidation of Tyrosine. So perhaps you’d like to look at that in addition to the salts. It makes sense that if there is a lack of Tyrosine, it will take a longer time for the cells to produce the pigment.

      Thanks once again for alerting us to the problem of not receiving the queries.

    2. Hi Alison

      I don’t know whether it’s relevant but when I bought Tui (in Portugal) 9 years or so ago, he had loss of pigmentation around his mouth and chin. I noticed that many of the lusitanos with him also had this, and I didn’t really give it any thought at that time. After being home with me, it disappeared and has only recently reappeared around his eyes. I completely forgot to mention this at the outset, and wonder whether it has any impact on what you think?

      If not and I offer him Kali Suplh, should this be instead of the other 2 tissue salts, or as well as?

      Many thanks

      1. Hi Helen

        If you offer the Kali Sulph it would be in addition to the others, in order to ‘double’ the relative amount of Kali Sulph to the others in the combinations. In other words, paying back more into the system’s ‘overdraft account’ that deals with the skin and pigmentation to reduce the deficit.

        The grey / white horse phenomenon has occurred due to selective breeding in earlier times, and has a common ancestral genetic thread. This is probably why you saw it in so many of the other lusitanos. My sense of why it improved by bringing him back to England is that there is a lower intensity of sunlight than in Portugal, and the cells weren’t being damaged by UV radiation. The good green grasses also probably played a role. I do think that tissue salts can help to mitigate this genetic predisposition – it is similar to the ageing process causing wrinkling, skin tags, pigmentation, grey hair etc in humans; there have been a number of my clients showing improvement in these things when they use tissue salts.

        It sometimes takes up to a year for my older clients to notice the rejuvenation, and usually when other people start telling them that they are looking well, different or something along those lines. Occasionally they have looked at photographs and noticed themselves looking better than in the ones in the preceding years.

        I hope that makes sense:)

    3. Many thanks Alison; it makes complete sense to me. I will add Kali Sulph and see what happens and will let you know how it goes.

    4. Alison Hi,
      Regarding the Tissue Salts I noticed my mum is getting quite a few more mole type things on her back and some wart like little things on her legs and front of her chest and under her breasts. I am wondering which Tissue Salts she could use.
      She had a complete Hysterectomy 3 or so years ago and her skin is definitely changing since then. Will taking some Tissue Salts be of help to her skin.
      Just found you when searching for Aura Soma bottles and I live in Ireland. xx
      You really have a wonderful Website. Its very easy to use, beautiful and great content. So many websites are not user friendly or even interesting. Just thought I would let you know.

      1. Vivienne, thank you so very much for your query and the compliments about our website πŸ™‚
        I was away in Japan at the time of your posting and I know that Yvonne responded to you via email after I discussed it with her at the time. We were in the throes of updating our blog section of the website, and I thought I would then wait for it to be online first. The answer again, for other readers who may be interested in the answer, is a definite yes; tissue salts would certainly be of help to your mother’s skin. Usually the Kali Mur and Kali Sulph are the salts of choice, or you could try our Beauty Synergy which is intended as a skin rejuvenator and rebalancer.
        Wishing you and your mum all the best,

  15. hi i was looking around at the different salts that you have. i am trying to find something to help fight eczema. i have it pretty sever and looking to try something natural. which salts would you suggest i use?

    1. Hi there
      Apologies about the tardy response – somehow we lost notification settings for a period and have had to put the webwizard to work to sort it out.
      Eczema is linked to a number of the salts, and depending on whether it is wet or dry, flaky, brought about by acid, one would perhaps increase certain of the salts in relation to it.
      My suggestion would be to try the Beauty Synergy, that has most of the skin conditioners in it, together with the Immuno Synergy, to help deal with any other allergic undertones that may be lurking. If there are dietary influences, obviously you need to avoid whatever the triggers are, but you may find working with the Pure Synergy helps too: facilitates detoxification via the liver, kidneys, lymphatics and of course the skin as an organ of elimination. And then of course there are the stress-related triggers to eczema – Rescue Synergy would be the one to add if that’s the case. It generally helps to calm everything down, so a lot of people use that as a lifestyle tonic.

      I’d like to also suggest some Vitamin D or fermented Cod liver oil, or sensible exposure to sunlight if you are able to.

      Best wishes,

  16. Hi Allison

    I just wanted to touch base. Tui’s tissue salts arrived today, but he has been on Rescue courtesy of Moss, for the past week. I am moved to write because I have noticed a big change already. Notwithstanding he has had some work done with the zoopharmacognosy, the change in the last week is noticeable.

    Because of the current situation, and despite not rugging him in 9 years, I found myself having to try rugs on him yesterday. My shoulder has mended well but full strength, movement and range is not there yet, so I was apprehensive. Apprehensive too because I haven’t handled him regularly either for awhile. Despite not doing things very smoothly at all (rugs are huge, heavy and a complete mystery!), he stood like a rock, head slightly bowed – completely back to being my horse! Totally calm and trusting of me as he has always been. No shaking, no sign of spookiness! Hoping now that the Beauty Synergy has the same effect on pigmentation issue. Will let you know how it goes.

    Moss continues to glow with health and happiness too!

    As always, in appreciation and with thanks!

    1. Hi Helen

      My sincere apologies for not seeing this at the time of your writing. I’m unsure whether it was related to a whole lot of attempted spam link comments being put on, but we lost our notifications settings. Your email this morning prompted a software upgrade and we have hopefully solved the issue. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your regular updates on your four-legged friends. It is really fantastic to hear how well the salts are helping them!

      I was wondering whether you would be happy for me to do a separate blog piece on your story with Moss as I think it would be very helpful for people to see it unfolding in the way that it has.


    2. Hi Alison

      Very happy for you to create a separate blog for Moss.

      I am just about to reorder tissue salts for her and I would like to update you on her condition. The story is beginning to be rather repetitive I know, but she is amazing! She is youthful, loving and kind and absolutely packed with the energy of joy. It’s hard to believe she’s 12 years of age as she has the appearance of a young dog and she plays like a puppy – her energy levels are incredible. She still flirts too when she meets dog friends that she likes!

      I don’t believe she’s ever been fitter, she has a great appetite and loves her organic meat and bones diet. Along with your tissue salts, she also has organic raw cider vinegar, organic raw coconut oil, organic spirulina and organic chlorella. And also has homemade cultured vegetables for the probiotics. She is slender – not an ounce of extra fat on her body – has a shiny coat and beautiful clear luminous eyes. She is the picture of good health and her behaviour tells us how happy she is.

      To say we are grateful to her for staying and to you for your help is an understatement.

      Her tissue salt regime continues to be one of each 3 times per day. Would you say we should continue this way, or might we lower the dose?

      Many thanks, as always

      1. Thanks for this update Helen, it is wonderful to hear what a champion Moss is!

        I think you could reduce to 1 tablet twice a day of each, and just watch her for any signs of change. If she becomes less vibrant, then reintroduce the third one again. I think one needs to bear in mind that she is a grand old lady, and generally we become more prone to deficiency with age. Give it a try, and see how she is after a week or two on the new routine. Given her good diet and loving care, it may just all be fine.

        Thank you too!

    3. Many thanks Alison; unfortunately someone forgot to tell her that she is an old lady :-)! Although she is generally very relaxed, thanks I’m sure to the Rescue TS, she is always ready for a game or a walk – preferably a game which involves a ball! Long may it be so!


  17. Hi Alison

    I’ll definitely give them a try in his feed/herbs and see what happens. I wish I’d thought of you sooner :-)!! I do provide Redmond salt which is high quality, sea salt – described as ancient. Hpwever, I found that it somehow was never where he was – always in a different paddock. One of the difficulties of not having him with me. As for me, I’m now in week 8 and doing well. I didn’t realise how complex shoulder breaks are! When we first bought them for Moss and Flint, I tried Beauty Synergy and found I had an intolerance to the sugar alcohols. Had a fearful migraine. I did expect it though which was why we tried to find out what you used.

    Once again, many thanks for your help. It really is very much appreciated!

  18. Hi Allison

    Many thanks for your response – slight issue for me, actually 2 issues. I am only able to see him once or so a week at the moment, and, I have an injury – a broken shoulder and am not able to actually handle him properly. However, he is fed at the livery by someone once per day, which could just as easily be twice. If it’s feasible to feed them in a bucket with his herbs and feed, that would be easy.

    If not, in your view, what is the best way to administer tissue salts to a horse?

    Look forward to hearing further.
    With thanks

    1. Sounds quite hectic Helen – sorry to hear about your broken shoulder! Perhaps we ought to send you some of the Osteo Synergy too, to help your shoulder get itself together a bit more efficiently.

      We used to add the tissue salts to the horse’s feed and supplements, and that worked well. If he is only getting fed once a day, it should be fine to put the whole lot in at once with his other supplements – perhaps just do about 8 of each if that’s the case, and see what happens. Hopefully he’ll happily take them whole, otherwise it may mean crushing them and mixing up with the other herbs etc. (I have been known to use my food processor or coffee grinder to do that for my chickens). My daughter’s horse also didn’t mind having them straight out of the hand either, as a treat.

      Another little tip – I used to get a chunk of Himalayan salt instead of a commercial mineral lick – you might like to see if you can get one there, if not, I can look into getting one for you here. The supplier cottoned onto my idea, and started supplying them threaded on a rope; now they supply the big racing stables and lots of individual stables/riders as well. No problem for me to get one for you if you can’t obtain it there.

  19. Good morning Allison

    I wonder whether you can help with another of our animal companions – my lusitano horse, Tui. Because of unusual circumstances, we have been parted for the past 12 months and I am only able to see him once or so a week. Not ideal, and he has been showing signs of stress. I have a friend who is pharmacognosy student and in treating him, has identified a possible magnesium deficiency (he has loss of pigmentation around his eyes), issues of anxiety demonstrated by a dislike/fear of being touched, except by me. There are issues related to trust and he can be difficult to catch by others. I also believe that exacerbating the problem is the pasture he is on, whilst organic, is overgrazed and very boring – no varieties of herbs and grasses. No hedgerows to pick in either. Not an ideal situation and one which I hope to resolve in the near future. Is this something which could be treated with tissue salts? He is having large amounts of organic barley grass powder via self selection and my thinking is that tissue salts might be a better way of rebalancing him.

    It might be worth mentioning too that he is sensitive to the sugars in grasses which means he puts on weight very easily. Just like with humans, if he has too much grass/sugar, it appears to me he can become grumpy and lethargic.

    Would really appreciate your thoughts.

    Many thanks
    PS: Moss was 12 on 4 October πŸ™‚ and Flint was 14 on 10 October πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Helen

      We’ve found horses responding very well to tissue salts, and I certainly think it’s worth a try for Tui. My daughter rode for a number of years, and tissue salts were part of her horse’s supplementation program at the time.

      You could start off with the Rescue Synergy to address the separation anxiety issues, and Beauty Synergy to help the skin pigmentation changes. Quite big amounts, about 12 of each a day if you can, to start with. When you see an improvement, you can reduce by 2 a day until you just maintain him on about 6 of each a day.

      If you find that after the first month there isn’t a great improvement in the anxiety arena, you can add the Mag Phos to the mix; it is included in the Rescue Synergy blend, so I hope it will be sufficient without the need to double up on the Magnesium.

      Happy birthday(s) to Moss and Flint πŸ™‚

      Warm regards

  20. Good morning Alison

    Same story πŸ™‚ – just about to order Moss’s next lot of TS. It has been noted that people refer to her more and more as “pup” (partly because she’s small for a collie, and very cute, despite her impeccable breeding!). It’s more than that though as she exudes vitality and a total joie de vivre. She continues to be an inspiration and a joy to us! How does it get any better than that??

    Best wishes

  21. Hi Alison

    It’s now 4 weeks since Moss began her tissue salt regime and I wanted to let you know how it’s going. We noticed an IMMEDIATE difference in her when we began using the salts you recommended. During the week she was recovering from the operation, before having her stitches out, she was calm and visibly went from strength to strength.

    Now, 4 weeks on, you would never know that she is anything but a beautiful, joyful, playful 11 year old puppy :-)! Of course, we don’t know what’s going on inside, but she is certainly telling us that she’s enjoying life at the moment. She loves being fed, adores playing ball, readily accepts the crushed tissue salts, gives us loads of love, kindness and affection and, as her guardians, we continue to give her lots of love and healing energy.

    We are truly blessed!
    Thank you so much for your help; I will keep in touch πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Helen… that is such wonderful news and I’m really happy to receive it. I deeply appreciate your willingness to try something, over such a distance in what was rather a dire situation – Moss is truly blessed with her caring and loving owners as well.
      With very best wishes πŸ˜€

    2. Hi Alison

      I’m just about to order the next lot of tissue salts for Moss who is doing so well. Her coat is glossy, her eyes are bright and she continues to be a happy, loving dog, totally immersed in the joys of life – especially when it involves food or a game of ball! Her energy levels are extraordinary and so she continues to be an inspiration to us. πŸ™‚

      Best wishes

      1. Thanks so much for the update, and your new order Helen. It’s wonderful news about Moss! We managed to get your order packed and out with the today’s mail, so I hope you’ll receive it soon after the weekend. Best Wishes to you all!

  22. Hi Alison

    I was given a course of your tissue salts when in SA a while back. For the past 2 years I have been suffering with frozen shoulder – first the left for 18 months (now better), but then it travelled to the right 6 months ago. I have tried all sorts of things from physio, deep tissue, acupuncture, rolfing, etc., but nothing helps. No one really seems to know what causes it, nor how to treat it, but I was wondering whether tissue salts may help? If so what would you suggest? And I assume you post to the UK? Thanks, John

    1. Hi John

      Thank you very much for your query. My apologies for this belated response, I’ve been away for much of March, and it’s taken me a little longer than I thought to get through my to-do list on my return.

      We have had a lot of success with tissue salts for all sorts of joint problems. It sometimes requires a little patience, and when symptoms have been there for quite some time I ask my clients to be willing to work with them for at least six months to a year before deciding about benefits – usually there is a noticeable difference well within this initial time. I’d suggest our Arthro Synergy – about 12 a day* to begin with, and if there is no sign of change within the first 3-6 months it may be necessary to look a little more closely and do a more detailed evaluation.

      At that sort of dose, you would need 2 bottles of 180s every month, and yes, we do post to the UK. (* 6 morning and 6 evening, or 3 or 4 doses of 4 or 3, depending on how easy it is for you to do that initially). As soon as you start noticing positive change, follow the general rule with tissue salts, and gradually reduce the dose month by month if the change continues. If there are periods of symptoms getting worse or staying much the same, increase the dose again.

      Wishing you all the best.

  23. Hello Alison
    My female dog was spayed yesterday, the vet said she is on heat, and her hormones might now be a bit confused. Today she is extremely uncomfortable, aggressive, what tissue salt can I give her to help sort her hormones? And the vet diagnosed her with hip dysplasia, what tissue salt can I give her to help her with that?

    1. Hello Siggi
      I’d give her the Rescue Synergy as the best to help her temperament and energy alignment. Quite frequent doses – each time she shows aggression or irritation. Work with the Osteo Synergy to assist the hip dysplasia – may not be possible to sort it out completely if there is serious congenital deformation of the joint, but should facilitate the best possible development outcome.
      Best wishes.

  24. Hi Alison

    I’m sorry to bother you again – one last question regarding administering the tablets. Is it ok to touch the tablets – I’m guessing it must be if they can be crushed? Can they simply be swallowed or do they need to be kept in the mouth until they dissolve? Also, is it ok to give all three remedies at once and, finally, is it ok to crush and them mix them in boiled, cooled water if all else fails?

    Thanks again (they have just been delivered)

    1. Yippee, Helen… glad you received them this morning without too much hassle!
      Yes, you can handle the salts with clean hands, as you would handle food. They shouldn’t be swallowed whole, but can be chewed (which my dogs do – they seem to enjoy that). You can give all three at once and yes, you can do the water solution if all else fails.

    2. Yes, trouble-free πŸ™‚ – so glad to receive them!!

      We are visiting the vet tomorrow to have her stitches removed. I can’t believe how fast she has recovered from her operation. She looks amazing – she has a great diet of organic raw meat and bones and has had plenty of rest and healing. We’re accepting that what will be will be but we are determined to give her the best care possible while she’s with us, and we’re not giving up on a miracle. She is a delight and a complete blessing! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again Alison; your kind attention is very much appreciated!

  25. hi Alison,
    a few days ago my 10 month old male cat was diagnosed with high proteins in the liver. he eats and goes in the litter box but otherwise he just lays there with the saddest look. the vet said it could be feline infectious peritonitis or a myeloma cancer. I purchased the bioplasma of all 12 tissue salts. I gave him one tiny tablet, how many would be a good therapeutic dose, I don’t want to overdose him but time may be short for him. have you heard of any successes with FIP? I’ve always believed in homeopathy at least give it a try since the vets wrote him off. thank you.

    1. Oh how distressing for you and your young cat. Probably if you are using the tiny tablets, you need to give him about 6 – 12 a day, so depending on how often you are giving them to him you can divide the dose up accordingly. I’d also look at adding Calc Phos, Kali Sulph and Kali Mur, if it turns out to be FIP you may need to try something like the Immuno Synergy, or its component tissue salts.
      I tend to consult mostly with people as clients, but animals respond in similar fashion to the salts because their bodies are made of the same basic minerals and follow the same biochemic principles.
      I wish you the best of luck.

  26. Hi Alison

    I wonder whether you can help. My 11 year old collie Moss, has just had her spleen and a large malignant mass removed. The vet has told me that there are 2 small growths, one alongside a large blood vessel and one next to the pancreas. Both inoperable. She has a healthy raw organic meat and bones diet with coconut butter, spirulina and some other herbs. Are there any tissue salts I could try to help her?

    She was written off by the vet and he would have put her down on the operating table. We (my husband and I) went straight over to the vet’s office, thinking it would be our last time. She wasn’t coming round as she should have been, so we stayed and gave her healing and love, told her that she could leave us if that’s what she wanted. My husband was telling the vet and nurses about Moss’s passion for playing ball, and, on hearing the word ball, she opened her eyes, wagged her tail and touched Terry’s hand. The eyes then closed and nothing.

    We decided that if she wanted to live she would survive the night. We sent her healing and love all through the night to help her to go or to live. Next day (yesterday), the vet’s office called. To their complete amazement, she had been out for a toilet break and eaten a little food. Later in the day, after a check up, she came home.

    She’s thin, sore, tired and in some discomfort but she’s eating really well and we are feeding her little and often to build her up. She is the most amazing dog, and although I wouldn’t ever want her to suffer, I do feel she has more teaching to do in this life :-).

    If you have any thoughts, I would so appreciate it.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Helen

      It is very challenging when malignancy has moved to an advanced state, and the sites of the secondaries sound rather scary too; I can understand your vet’s concern about her life expectancy. Moss sounds like a very determined and loving being who responds to your loving care and healing. I’d try giving her some Kali Phos, Ferrum Phos, Nat Sulph, Kali Mur, Calc Fluor, Kali Sulph, Calc Sulph and Calc Phos at least; Nat Phos and Silicea would probably be helpful too. (I know… it looks like its most of the twelve, but then she is a very compromised girl).

      An easier way to do it would be with Rescue Synergy, Arthro Synergy and Pure Synergy which contain those, but I’m not sure where you are located in terms of you being able to get them quickly, hence the long list above.

      Perhaps you can get a 12 in one combination (Bioplasma) if our Synergies are difficult to access, and add the first three on the individual list above, and see how she gets along with that. She’d probably need fairly frequent doses too – if she doesn’t take them easily whole, then crush them and pop them into her cheek and gently massage her mouth from the outside.

      All the very best, I know how heartbreaking it is to face losing a wonderful animal companion. I hope that this helps.

      1. Thank you so much for that Alison. We would like to buy your salts if possible. We are in the UK – would you happen to know how quickly we would receive an order from you? Are there any potential difficulties we might face with customs for example?

        Many thanks

          1. Sorry I was tardy responding to your replies this morning, it got a little busy with clients in the office. Thank you for calling through all the way from UK; it was lovely chatting to you and your husband. We sent your parcel off this afternoon. Hope you receive it soon, early next week I hope.

          2. Hi Alison

            It was good to talk to you! Can’t wait to get started – I wonder whether you could clarify how to use the salts for Moss? Should I use all three together, and how many and how often would you suggest? Is there anything I should be conscious of during the treatment?

            Many thanks

          3. I’d happily use them all together Helen. Start with about 1 of each at least 3 times a day, if possible try for 5 times for the first two to three days. The more comfortable she is, the less frequently you need to use them, and vice versa. Maybe she’ll take them just like that, or you can crush them and rub them onto her gums gently. I’ve also had success popping whole tabs into the back of the cheek alongside the lower jaw and just leaving them there to slowly dissolve – works well if the dog is content to let them be there.
            It may not be possible to completely resolve her disease as her system is quite compromised already; but it should be possible to optimise her quality of life while she’s with you.
            Blessings to you all.

    1. Anna hi, and my sincere apologies for this belated response. Somehow your query ended up in the blog spam filter and I only found it now.
      Depression is usually associated with a deficiency of Kali Phos, Nat Mur and sometimes Mag Phos and Silicea are important too if there is a lot of stress contributing. If there is anxiety or panic attacks, Calc Phos must be added. Our Rescue Synergy has a good blend of all of these, which nourish and revitalise the nervous system, and if there are no other associated or prediagnosed health problems, can serve as a good basic tonic to lift the spirits and energy levels.

  27. Hi Alison
    My cat has been diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). He is on cortisone. I would just like to give him something to help him with his recovery. Which Tissue salts can I give him and how much? He is an adult male cat. Thank you in advance.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Chantal
      This is quite a hectic condition, and I think the tissue salts can help him in coping with the illness and recovery. I’d suggest the Rescue Synergy together with the Arthro Synergy 1 tab of each with each meal (I know he doesn’t have arthritis, it’s the blend of oxygenation salts together with the elasticity salt that is guiding my recommendation here.) If there is strain on the liver, you can add the Pure Synergy to that as well.
      Warm regards and best of luck to you and your cat.

  28. Hi Allison,
    I have year old male cat, always sounds like he has a stuffed nose. He doenst’ have any discharge from mouth or eyes and is otherwise healthy and happy. T took him to 2 doctors and antibiotics, colloidal silver, lysine hasn’t worked. I was told it might be allergies. he’s had it almost his entire life. Any specific tissue salts would be effective to get rid of the mucus. thank you. regards, karen

    1. Hi Karen
      Probably the best would be our Immuno Synergy, which is helpful for allergies and other kinds of congestion, whether there are viral or other causes. The other two that could be involved are Calc Phos and Kali Sulph, if the Immuno Synergy doesn’t address it sufficiently. Start him with about one tablet with each meal, hopefully at least twice daily; if there isn’t an improvement within 2 weeks, increase to two at least twice twice daily.
      All the best,

  29. Dear Alison, My grandson (3 years old)seems to often pick up colds and flu. My impression is that his immune system needs to be strengthened. Can this be done with tissue salts and, if so, which salts and how often.
    Will appreciate your advice. Sincerely, Irene

    1. Certainly tissue salts can help and your query comes when we have just launched our Immuno Synergy blend of tissue salts for just this purpose. If he is prone to colds and flu, I would suggest you maintain with 1 tablet twice a day when he is symptom-free for a while; and if he starts to show signs of a cold to use them much more frequently – as often as 1 tablet every 20 minutes or so until it shifts. Generally Ferrum Phos is the main defender of the immune system, and is contained therein together with other salts that strengthen the mucous membranes and deal with the sniffles.

      With children, one often gets the ‘glazed donut’ type of mucus, before a cold sets in fully, and that calls for Calc Phos. Calc Phos is a great tonic anyway for growing children, and it wouldn’t harm to let him have 1 of these a day when he is well, increasing the dose if he gets the egg-whitish glazed mucus in the same way as described above. It should definitely be used if he is prone to tonsillitis.

      I have feedback from a client who reports the family being much healthier by following the tissue salts with the lunar calendar; this is another way of working in the long term. You can read a bit of feedback about that here . This type of supplementation takes a bit of commitment to the salts, as you would use each salt for approximately 2-3 days in the course of a month. What it does is refresh the entire body with its needs for the minerals in a logical biochemic cycle.

      You would probably find it easier to start with the Immuno Synergy and Calc Phos though, if your family aren’t familiar with the use of tissue salts.

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