Spring Reflections

Sunbeams are again kissing our southern earth as the daylight hours increase and we witness Nature’s reawakening to Spring. The September equinox marks the passage of three quarters of our calendar year, with the sun crossing the equator on its southward journey between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.spring-gardenThis midpoint of the solar cycle is an interesting place to reflect upon the year thus far. I have been humbled to see many of the events  in my Fate of the Nation forecast for South Africa in January play out during the course of this year. Continue reading Spring Reflections

Mercury Retrograde

Attribution: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington
NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington

I find myself contemplating a chuckling Mercury as I sit at Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport with my flight to Tokyo delayed for 4 hours. It is this kind of thing that happens, little frustrations – my onward connection in Hong Kong will also be missed – and I need to get a message to Tokyo about when I should eventually arrive. I might be able to do it if the battery on the iPhone doesn’t die before then. Continue reading Mercury Retrograde

Visual Mathematics

Sacred Geometry of Fractals and the Mandelbrot Set

Inspired by a video of the Mandelbrot set this morning, I set about trying to find out more of how these mystical mathematical mandalas evolved. They link infinite possibilities – from mathematics and science, the universe and nature to consciousness itself.  Almost impossible for science to explain, I found this video by Arthur Clarke, ‘The Colors of Infinity’.

Antibiotics, Infections & Tissue Salts

I read a very interesting comment on the use of antibiotics and our health this morning, and the rise of the superbugs. What are the tissue salt options?

Tissue salts are entirely compatible with any antibiotics or other medication your doctor prescribes, but perhaps before resorting to that, one can use tissue salts to restore balance. The big thing to be aware of is Continue reading Antibiotics, Infections & Tissue Salts