Surviving the Year-End

Beach AccessoriesAs we approach the Spring equinox next week, the promise of lazy summer holidays lies ahead of us… we just need to get over the hurdles and stresses of year-end. Whether it is getting everything on your agenda completed before the December deadline, or you or members of your family facing examinations at school or university, things can be rather frenetic between now and then. Brains become overloaded with too many things on the to-do list, or too many hours studying. Here are 5 ways tissue salts can help: Continue reading Surviving the Year-End

AllisOne Tissue Salts for Pregnancy, Infants and Children

Pompeo_Batoni_Madonna_ChildAll of the AllisOne tissue salts may be used safely during pregnancy and lactation, and by infants and children.  Tissue salts are the mineral body-builders, thus they are necessary to meet the heightened demands for these minerals during ante- and post-natal physiological changes of the mother and baby, and for growing infants and children. Continue reading AllisOne Tissue Salts for Pregnancy, Infants and Children

Tissue salts for children with ADD / ADHD

The question of using tissue salts for children diagnosed with attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder comes up from time-to-time. This morning when I received this query again, it prompted the thought that many parents may be tormented with their child being given this same label, and could possibly derive some benefit from the simple salts. Continue reading Tissue salts for children with ADD / ADHD