2016 Fate of the Nation

2015 CapricornCarrying over from the events in the last quarter of 2015, the voice of the youth features strongly during the first few months, with some revolutionary expectations.  They are sincere in their conviction that things can never be the same again, and that change is within their grasp. Aware of the power of communication, they use the social and traditional media effectively for their voices to be heard and influence the citizens. Demands for change in institutions such as universities, banks  and possibly the judiciary persist together with a sense of defiance in the face of authority and previously accepted norms.[1]

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Moonsign Calendar Feedback


When people ask how to use tissue salts when they are generally healthy, I usually recommend that they follow the Moonsign Calendar by clicking on the day and revealing which of the salts are optimal to supplement on that day. I was delighted to receive this feedback on 11 January 2011 and asked if I could share this experience here:

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