Rainbows after our flood

Rainbows dancing at AllisOne
Dancing light Rainbows created by our Swarovski Crystals

This year started with a bit of a surprise, to say the very least. A few days before we were due to reopen in January, our groundsman alerted us that there was something strange going on in the kitchen. He could hear a peculiar hissing sound, and the windows appeared misty and hazy. He couldn’t see anything further through the closed blinds.

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Spring Reflections

Sunbeams are again kissing our southern earth as the daylight hours increase and we witness Nature’s reawakening to Spring. The September equinox marks the passage of three quarters of our calendar year, with the sun crossing the equator on its southward journey between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.spring-gardenThis midpoint of the solar cycle is an interesting place to reflect upon the year thus far. I have been humbled to see many of the events  in my Fate of the Nation forecast for South Africa in January play out during the course of this year. Continue reading Spring Reflections

Boundary Issues: Cell Invaders Part 2

On the afternoon of March 23, in the midst of a week of South African public holidays, I returned home from the office to the news that one of our hens had been found dead in the coop. This happens from time-to-time; our chickens live a happy free-range foraging life in the paddocks, eventually get old, and pass away. I assumed it was one of those natural events, and mentally noted that it had happened on the day of a lunar eclipse.
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Introducing our New Website

After a few months of dedicated work, we’re delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, which was soft-launched last week. If you have visited the AllisOne site since Easter Monday, you may have noticed our fresh new look with its subtle but significant differences, and tried our new and improved website experience.
New AllisOne Home Page
Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors with more convenience in the experience by making it mobile device compatible, easier to navigate and interact online from your smart phone or tablet, wherever you are.

Amongst the new features of the website is our new Community Forum where you may comment, ask questions and share your stories with us and other members of the AllisOne community. Our Online Shop now recognises our registered members, who will be able to access our monthly special offers once logged in to the site. We will constantly be updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, company announcements and client successes.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new site. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please send them our way!




2016 Fate of the Nation

2015 CapricornCarrying over from the events in the last quarter of 2015, the voice of the youth features strongly during the first few months, with some revolutionary expectations.  They are sincere in their conviction that things can never be the same again, and that change is within their grasp. Aware of the power of communication, they use the social and traditional media effectively for their voices to be heard and influence the citizens. Demands for change in institutions such as universities, banks  and possibly the judiciary persist together with a sense of defiance in the face of authority and previously accepted norms.[1]

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Apollo’s Spider Bite or Wasp Sting

Apollo on his pillow
A rather unhappy chap with his swollen right lip, cheek and nose about 3 hours after the bite or sting; this was already an improvement after a few doses of tissue salts.

So many people are interested in using tissue salts for their pets, I thought I would share this personal event with you. Sometimes when first-timers see their pets respond so well to the tissue salts, they wonder if the tissue salts are suitable for their own use… I always have to smile when I tell them that most of my clients are indeed human! Continue reading Apollo’s Spider Bite or Wasp Sting

Visual Mathematics

Sacred Geometry of Fractals and the Mandelbrot Set

Inspired by a video of the Mandelbrot set this morning, I set about trying to find out more of how these mystical mathematical mandalas evolved. They link infinite possibilities – from mathematics and science, the universe and nature to consciousness itself.  Almost impossible for science to explain, I found this video by Arthur Clarke, ‘The Colors of Infinity’.

Counting Our Blessings
67 Minutes for Mandela

Mandela statue at Union BuildingsStill immersed in the afterglow of the FIFA World Cup tournament, I have never felt such a great sense of patriotism of being a South African. I feel so proud of our nation, and a deep love for every one of its inhabitants. Africa is the special place we feel we are returning to, wherever we are born in the world, and we South Africans are blessed to truly call this place home. There is yet work to be done as our phoenix rises from the ashes of the Apartheid years, but we are getting there.

And now we have Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18th July. Continue reading Counting Our Blessings 67 Minutes for Mandela