Why you need Kali Sulph – whether you’re a Virgo or not!

Virgo Kali Sulph and Beauty Synergy tissue salts

Although most of us in South Africa consider Spring to prance through our doors on September 1st, it’s just the whiff of her fragrance hinting at her arrival on the equinox. This year the sun crosses the equator on September 23rd to reside in the southern hemisphere for the next six months.

The last of the northern latitudes occupied by the sun marks the Virgo month. For those in the north, summer may offer the prospect of autumn. In the south, Old Man winter can hang on grimly – to see us pull out our woollies just when we thought we’d head for the beach. Kali Sulph is the tissue salt for this mutable time of year.

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Should tissue salts have a negative ionic charge?

Positive and negative ionic charge: atomic properties of the elements in the periodic tableI’m not sure where the idea arose of tissue salts having a negative ionic charge as being the most potent form, but we receive many queries along these lines. Perhaps this idea has more to do with chelated mineral or other supplements that aren’t real biochemic tissue salts. Continue reading Should tissue salts have a negative ionic charge?

Will Silicea cause my fillings to fall out?

This question arises fairly frequently as a result of reading about the ability of Silicea to remove foreign objects. You can replace the word ‘fillings’ with any of the following:

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Have You Lost Your Mind?

In today’s fast-paced world where technology impacts on almost every aspect of life, it’s quite easy to lose track of things. Constant pressures demand instant answers – telephone calls, emails, text and other social messages pay intrusive visits, and you can begin to feel fragmented and exhausted as your attention is drawn from one place to another at lightning speed. It wasn’t quite the same in the ‘good old days’, whatever else those may have been; the amount of daily input into your brain today is far more intense and can become overwhelming.

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Apollo’s Spider Bite or Wasp Sting

Apollo on his pillow
A rather unhappy chap with his swollen right lip, cheek and nose about 3 hours after the bite or sting; this was already an improvement after a few doses of tissue salts.

So many people are interested in using tissue salts for their pets, I thought I would share this personal event with you. Sometimes when first-timers see their pets respond so well to the tissue salts, they wonder if the tissue salts are suitable for their own use… I always have to smile when I tell them that most of my clients are indeed human! Continue reading Apollo’s Spider Bite or Wasp Sting

Save Our Supplements

Save our supplementsBackground to the current crisis

On the 15th of November 2013, the Minister of Health published regulations for the health products industry that will see between 60% and 80% of nutritional supplements removed from South African shelves. These products are freely available in most countries, and many are considered food supplements by the World Health Organisation. Continue reading Save Our Supplements

Surviving the Year-End

Beach AccessoriesAs we approach the Spring equinox next week, the promise of lazy summer holidays lies ahead of us… we just need to get over the hurdles and stresses of year-end. Whether it is getting everything on your agenda completed before the December deadline, or you or members of your family facing examinations at school or university, things can be rather frenetic between now and then. Brains become overloaded with too many things on the to-do list, or too many hours studying. Here are 5 ways tissue salts can help: Continue reading Surviving the Year-End

Jenny B’s Feedback

Lady Nada QuintessenceDear Alison

Since my session with you I have felt a lot better and feel a new door has opened to help me with my journey here on Earth. Thank you so much for the support and guidance you shared with me in our session and the Aura-Soma and tissue salts have had a pretty dramatic and positive change in how I handle life and the exploration of my sensitivity and empathic nature.

Using the Equilibrium has been amazing as I apply it to the areas of my body I have always dealt with emotionally and physically and now feel complete unconditional love for these parts of me and am discovering a whole new acceptance and appreciation for my body through this simple ritual everyday. Continue reading Jenny B’s Feedback

Tissue salts for pets with fleas

Flea-free and part of the family

I receive many queries about pets and this is one that arrived this week. I thought I’d share the answer since I remember in my days before tissue salts really feeling helpless about our Maltese poodle who was doing just this, and then lost hair and got eczema that we were treating with cortisone on prescription from the vet. Fortunately I found tissue salts before it was too late, and we had very good results as a consequence.

Q: I wonder if you could suggest any Tissue Salts for dogs to take, they are constantly scratching and licking themselves – I’m sure they have fleas.
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AllisOne Tissue Salts for Pregnancy, Infants and Children

Pompeo_Batoni_Madonna_ChildAll of the AllisOne tissue salts may be used safely during pregnancy and lactation, and by infants and children.  Tissue salts are the mineral body-builders, thus they are necessary to meet the heightened demands for these minerals during ante- and post-natal physiological changes of the mother and baby, and for growing infants and children. Continue reading AllisOne Tissue Salts for Pregnancy, Infants and Children