Tissue salts for children with ADD / ADHD

The question of using tissue salts for children diagnosed with attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder comes up from time-to-time. This morning when I received this query again, it prompted the thought that many parents may be tormented with their child being given this same label, and could possibly derive some benefit from the simple salts. Continue reading Tissue salts for children with ADD / ADHD

Counting Our Blessings
67 Minutes for Mandela

Mandela statue at Union BuildingsStill immersed in the afterglow of the FIFA World Cup tournament, I have never felt such a great sense of patriotism of being a South African. I feel so proud of our nation, and a deep love for every one of its inhabitants. Africa is the special place we feel we are returning to, wherever we are born in the world, and we South Africans are blessed to truly call this place home. There is yet work to be done as our phoenix rises from the ashes of the Apartheid years, but we are getting there.

And now we have Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18th July. Continue reading Counting Our Blessings 67 Minutes for Mandela

Tissue Salts for Pets

Today I was reminded again of how wonderful tissue salts are for use in pets. Animals are wonderful examples of how natural laws are at work across the realm of creation. We are all made of the same stuff! And animals don’t experience placebo effect.   Continue reading Tissue Salts for Pets