Why you need Kali Sulph – whether you’re a Virgo or not!

Virgo Kali Sulph and Beauty Synergy tissue salts

Although most of us in South Africa consider Spring to prance through our doors on September 1st, it’s just the whiff of her fragrance hinting at her arrival on the equinox. This year the sun crosses the equator on September 23rd to reside in the southern hemisphere for the next six months.

The last of the northern latitudes occupied by the sun marks the Virgo month. For those in the north, summer may offer the prospect of autumn. In the south, Old Man winter can hang on grimly – to see us pull out our woollies just when we thought we’d head for the beach. Kali Sulph is the tissue salt for this mutable time of year.

Kali Sulph: the Skin, the Gut and the Brain

Generally associated with nourishing the skin, Kali Sulph is a conditioner of all of the different kinds of epithelial cells in the body. Astrology offers a hint that it could be more important than we think, in that it relates to the sixth house of health and is associated with the gut.

You may have seen recent media opinions about how many of the issues of health and ageing start in the gut. How we absorb and metabolise our food is one; the problems of leaky gut, candida or parasites, another thing to consider. The gut-brain connection is the newest kid on the block, with researchers suggesting causal links between intestinal bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease. I find it interesting that Virgo is associated with the gut, and Mercury, its ruler, with our thought processes.

Absorbing and Protecting

The thing that people forget about skin is that it is an external continuation of the internal epithelium. The skin and the gut constitute the two largest organs of the body.

They have protective barrier functions. Like the gut, the skin absorbs what comes into contact with it; from lotions to medications, and most simply, sunbeams. It’s the major manufacturer of Vitamin D, that is also finally receiving proper recognition for its role in disease prevention.

The brain is also protected by the semi-permeable membrane known as the blood-brain barrier. Not only is Kali Sulph vital in keeping the brain oxygenated and therefore alive, it most likely plays a huge role, as it does in the gut, in maintaining the integrity of this tissue.

Kali Sulph is indispensable to the ability of the cells to breathe internally by helping the mitochondria to utilise oxygen and get rid of waste products efficiently. A lack of Kali Sulph results in anaerobic metabolic functions that force the cells to obtain energy without oxygen and release acid. Acid falls under the domain of the September equinox sign Libra and cell salt, Nat Phos.

Help your Gut and Skin Regenerate

Just as health improves with a diet comprising more natural, organic and wholesome foods, it’s important to nurture your skin on similar principles. Taking care of these two aspects no doubt impacts on your brain health too.

Our Kali Sulph and Beauty Synergy facilitate the health of the gut and the skin from within. The epithelial cells of these organs undergo constant renewal. Gut cells renew every 2-6 days, and the skin regenerates itself completely every 28 days. You need sufficient Kali Sulph to keep these processes efficient and your semi-permeable membranes healthy.

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