Tissue Salts for Pets

Today I was reminded again of how wonderful tissue salts are for use in pets. Animals are wonderful examples of how natural laws are at work across the realm of creation. We are all made of the same stuff! And animals don’t experience placebo effect.  

A customer came into our store to purchase salts for his cat again. The cat is quite old, and was recently diagnosed with cancer of the mouth by the vet. The customer went on to tell us how the cat’s mouth had smelled putrid, and the vet recommended the cat be put down as there was no hope or treatment. Other than the awful smell and some drooling, the cat was still eating, seemed to be happy enough and not displaying any obvious signs of discomfort or pain.

The customer went on to tell me that his mother had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and told to put her affairs in order when he was 13 years old. Although I didn’t ask his age, I estimate that he is at least in his late 20s now. She refused the conventional treatment offered to her at the time and upped her use of tissue salts.  She is still alive and kicking now, and as a result of her experience decided to try tissue salts on the cat before allowing the lethal injection.

Within a few days of starting the salts, the bad odour disappeared. Now, a few weeks on, the cat is still happy and content. He is drooling a little, but eating and sleeping well as cats like to do. This is not to say he will not die – we all have a sell-by date when we get removed from the shelf of life – but perhaps that shelf-life can be extended and optimized somewhat.

It will be interesting to see what happens with time.

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  1. Hi Alison,

    My cat is on Methimazole twice daily, gel that goes under the ear.
    and the brand of tablets I could find is from hyland’s it is very small tablet. so should I
    double the dose morning and evening, making it twelve tablets of each?
    Thanks again for all your help, greatly appreciated.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Gloria

      I’d certainly give that a go – I know it seems a lot but you should see signs of efficacy sooner; if nothing seems to change within 4-6 weeks you may need to increase it again. Please bear in mind that I can’t really speak for other brands in terms of efficacy and timing, so it’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds for you and your cat. Please keep me posted 🙂

      1. Hi Alison,

        I did double the dosage of each, he now has sticky pooh that sticks on his fur. I dropped it to 10 tablets each, still the same. He is stressed with all the mess. what do you suggest? is there a certain tablet that should be less than others?

        1. We don’t want him stressed at all. Suggest you take it down to the initial dose until it normalizes, give him a couple of days to relax, then add 1 tab at a time over a few days, maybe a week – see how he manages. Stop the dose increase wherever his tolerance is, I.e. If you see the pooh changing, drop back down to the number before. It’s probably the increase in lactose that is causing the sticky, messy pooh; cats lose their ability to digest it after a few weeks, once they eat solids. Haven’t used lactose in our salts for many years now, so don’t really run into that issue.

  2. Hi Alison

    I have been giving my cat cal phos,silicea, nat phos,nat sulph, kali sulph, kali mur, nat mur and kali phos 6x I give six tablet in food twice a day.
    for hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. do not know
    how bad his kidney disease is but he twitches his
    is this the correct dosage and what changes should I be able to see in him to know it is effective.
    Thank you.

      1. Hi Gloria

        The amount you are giving him should be good as a starting point (I think you are using our tissue salts? otherwise you need to use 2 – 3x more depending on the tablet size). I would like to see his general condition improving, coat becoming less scruffy and hair-loss reducing, more interest in life, food and so on to show efficaciousness. The twitching should also reduce with the use of Nat Sulph and Silicea over time.

        Of course it’s important to bear in mind that these are very difficult conditions (hyperthyroidism and kidney disease) that often take years before they manifest as symptomatic requiring medication. It can take a lot of doing to undo, and often can’t be restored to complete normality, but you will certainly be helping to take a load of toxicity off the system and improving the quality of, and life potential.

        With best wishes for 2014.

  3. Hi Alison,

    I have been giving my cat nat mur,kali phos and kali mur 9 tablets twice daily for hyperthyroidism and low potassium. according to a health food recommendations. he has started to twitch his head
    and lick hear his kidneys. is this the correct blend
    I saw earlier you recommended pure synergy, where is that available?
    thank you.

    1. Thanks for your query. The blend of salts you are using will help with fluid balance/dehydration and low potassium levels. I like the Pure Synergy blend as well because it nurtures the glandular and lymphatic systems and supports the liver and kidneys in their function, the kidneys usually being the critical issue in hyperthyroidism medication in the long term.
      Pure Synergy is available in our Online Shop and retail outlets in South Africa – not sure where you are located, but we do ship internationally.
      All the best!

  4. Hello Yvonne,
    Thank you for getting back to me with my first e-mail so promptly. I have e-mail some more information for two more cats and some questions. Is it possible for you to look up my previous e-mail and back to me a.s.a.p. I really would like to place an order. I thought it would be better to order everything at once. I tried calling you but we have different time zones. I hope this will work because I know it will take a few weeks to get here. Cucu needs help soon she also wakes up every morning and howls around five to six o’clock. Sometimes she poops and then stops howling and goes to sleep again. I am trying to give you additional information. If you think there might be a better tissue salt for her.

    1. Hello Pauline
      Thank you for your queries, and also for posting here. We’ve had a few crazy days on Friday and today with internet issues at the office, which I hope are sorted out now – we only got back online this afternoon about an hour before closing and Yvonne didn’t manage to answer you in that short window of time.
      We’ll get back to you in the morning, so that hopefully you have some answers by the time you are up and about over there.

  5. Thanks Alison
    Can you tell me how many a day and if I should split it to twice a day. Am I correct in saying that 5,9 and 12 are for itch not 3,7,9.
    Also can you advise salts for fleas for cats and dogs.
    I don’t want to get too excited but it looks like the salts are starting to work.
    Enjoy your trip

    1. Use at least 1 of each twice a day; if still showing signs of itching, repeat more frequently, 3-4 or more times if necessary, or increase the number if you can’t repeat it often during the day. Basically, you need to use more if it appears to be worse, reduce as it gets better. Continue for a while with 1 a day after everything seems sorted, and ease it off gently. I still give my dogs tissue salts a few times a week just for maintenance and nutritional reasons.

      Generally 5 and 9 help the itch, sometimes 7 required too – for hydration, oiliness of skin. 10 can relate to acid itch too. 3 for burning sensations, heals and protects cell membrane integrity. 12 for cleansing and strengthening connective tissue and also helps with the stress of discomfort.

      You can work with 9 for most insect bites; both of these Synergies as combinations containing 9 are good too.

      It’s possible that the salts are already starting to work… often very much quicker than expected – so I’m crossing fingers that you see a very positive outcome soon.

  6. Hi Alison
    Maybe you can advise as I see you supply in Southern Suburbs Western Cape. I have a 14 month old Aussie dog. he started scratching at 4 months. He also had a hair follicle growth removed from his nose which got infected. It has taken 6 months to get the nose to heal and finally only have a scar which I am hoping will cover over. Suggestions for hair follicle growth. Please
    Second thing is his scratching, we tried all the different diets including human grade free range meat and organic veg. Nothing worked. He is now on fish and potato dry food which is grain free and seems to work the best. However we still are not convinced its only food. Up until 2 months ago he scratched so badly that he was raw on his rump, back legs front legs elbows neck chest stomach, back of head etc but never feet. We tried all the shampoos as well . He had skin scrapes etc no demodex or mites found. 10 scrapes over a month. It looked like he had pimples which where infected before he scratched until he would bleed. He had lots of Hot Spots all over. He also never slept threw a night panting and anxious and drinks lots of water.

    But we then saw a specialist who put him on prednisone and was told to wash him with Bio scrub every week ( the stuff used to sterilize hands before operating) Vet said he has allergies and his skin had a yeast infection. Explains the smell he developed. Let me tell you Bio scrub has done wonders all sores healed and he in fact now likes to bath smell is gone and no yeast infection. His coat has grown back and everyone can’t believe how good he is looking. At the same time he had 4 prednisone for 7 days then 2 for 2 weeks then 1.5 every second day for 30 days which he is now on. He also sleeps through the night first time since we had him. And his ht spots are gone completley,
    he still scratches maybe 4 to 5 times a day but no sores if washed every week and on prednisone. He also has one blocked tear duct.

    This is where I need your advise.
    If I stop prednisone he gets staph infections, Hot Spots again and starts scratching.
    10 days ago I started salts. 3,7,9, and 1,5,12 I started on 1 of each 3 times a day for 5 days and am now on 2 times a day. He also has omega 3 oil 1 a day 1000mg. My aim is to slowly reduce prednisone and stop eventually.

    Aim is to increase hair growth and follicles
    Stop him scratching / reduce and from getting sores and eventually remove Prednisone.

    Question am I using the right salts?

    Do you have a tablet that combines the correct salts so he does not have to have so many tabs.
    Anything else you would add like blood and tissue cleanser booster etc
    Where can I collect salts.

    You are welcome to email me should you need more info or to supply me with correct salts and where I can collect in Cape Town

    1. Hi David

      Sounds like you’re on the right track. I’d suggest our Beauty Synergy, and also the Immuno Synergy, which would cover what you’re doing (plus provide 10 and 4, acid balance and general first-aid anti-inflammatory and oxygen carrier). The duplication of 5, 9 and 12 is intentional, these should help stop the itching / scratching and help the hair regrowth.

      I’m away teaching in the bush at the moment, internet a little dodgy – please call our office tomorrow on 021 761 2808, they can direct you if necessary to our location: 4 Ripelby Road, Claremont.


  7. Hi
    my cat has hyperthyroidism, on a medicated gel that goes inside of ear. now he is in early stage of kidney disease. what tissue salt should I give him, he is 7.6kg
    Thank you.

    1. It’s such a difficult one as the hyperthryoid condition affects the whole metabolism; I’d suggest our Pure Synergy as the best to try. The Nat Sulph, Nat Phos and Kali Sulph in it are all good to help the glands, and the kidneys in particular.

  8. Please can u advise if I can use a combi of 12 salts for my cats, my female is 17yrs old, has kidney issues, bad joints and my male cat has bladder infections which the vet is treating with antibotics. If so what doseage of this tissue salt can I use. I use this for myself so have plenty available. Many thanks,


    1. Margi, apologies for this belated reply. You can use the combination, but she may also benefit from something like the Arthro Synergy, which also has salts in it that will also address bladder issues. The male can use this too, as it has the Ferrum Phos and Kali Sulph in it, which are helpful with chronic bladder conditions. You can use 1 tab (of each) at least twice a day.

    1. Hi George

      Calc Phos is the primary tissue salt for healing of bones; or you could use our Osteo Synergy, which contains Calc Fluor, Mag Phos and Silicea in addition to the Calc Phos. These are supportive to the connective tissues, muscles and ligaments as well as being constituents of bone.

      Best wishes

  9. Sjoe!! first of all: thank you very much for your time and information.two more questions: must I continue with the cortizone while I start to give the tissue salts or do I stop with the cortizone immediately? Can I give the tissue salts with his meal or in between so that it don’t mix with the food? I will surely let you know if my dog gets better and I will tell every one the good news and about your website!

    1. Please continue with prescribed meds as necessary, as things improve you should be able to discontinue it. It will be providing some kind of relief, and the salts may take a little while to help the body from the inside out, especially if the eczema has been there for a long time. You may find that your dog is happy to consume the salts on their own, otherwise you can give them in the food or water. The results would possibly be better if given without food, but he can eat immediately afterwards. If at first he resists eating them whole, see if crushing them up and sprinkling on top of the food will work, rather than mixing them in. You could also try disguising the salts in a small piece of food given as a treat – rather than mixing into a big bowl. If you have to resort to blending into the food, try doing a small bit and then give him the rest of his meal. I think the body should be able to recognise the mineral energies anyway, it’s just that ideally you want them to be absorbed in the mouth rather than bypassing in food to the stomach.

  10. Hi Alison, I’m living in South Africa and I’ve got a black labrador suffering from dermatitis. Apparantly he is allergic to something outside like grass. He is licking his paws the whole day long and getting infections with bad odour. He is constantly on antibiotics and cortizone and really not a happy chappy as he used to be. I’ve read your answers to previous questions about the same conditions. As I understand is Kali Phos, Kali Sulph,Calc Sulph, Nat mur, Calc Fluor, silicea, Beauty Synergy en Rescue Synergy the options. Do I give all of them simultaniously? How many pills a day do I give or is it the same dosage human beings use? I’m so thankfull for your website, greetings Hymne

    1. Hi Hymne,

      You have pretty much got the picture, well done for reading through the other answers first! What I would suggest is that you use the Beauty Synergy (contains Calc Fluor, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Nat Mur, Nat Phos and Silicea) and just add Kali Phos and Calc Sulph at first. You can give 1 tablet of each as often as you need to, depending on the severity of discomfort you observe. Probably good to start with at least 3 times a day – if that is difficult, then give 2 of each twice a day; or you could do it morning, when you arrive home, and before bedtime. If you find that there is little noticeable difference in his behaviour / discomfort after the first week, increase the dosage or the frequency thereof. At the moment there is a special on Beauty with a free Bioplasma, and it will do absolutely no harm to add 1 of those to each dose he has. If at the end of the first replacement, we could look at adding the others if necessary.

      I also have a wonderful probiotic coat spray, that isn’t yet up on the website shop, that we have found very helpful for dogs and cats. If you are interested in this, let me know and I can let you have the details.

      Best wishes,

  11. Hi Alison. I have a 4 year bulldog who suffers from environmental and food allergies. He gets skin rashes, fungal, bacterial, and staph infections. He was on a monthly allergy inj which helped but he would still get sick. I recently put him on a raw food which has greatly improved his immune response to his allergies. He no longer requires his allergy inj anymore or any other medication. He did have a flair up recently due to spring and is now being treated for a bacterial infection on his paws. I was suggested salts for him by a friend to prevent infections, etc. just wondering what you would suggest? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alyssa

      The raw food is quite amazing – well done for making that change. The three main tissue salts that assist the body in adressing infections are Ferrum Phos, Kali Mur and Kali Sulph, corresponding to the 3 stages of inflammation. Ferrum Phos when acute, Kali Mur for the secondary stage and Kali Sulph for chronic (ongoing) conditions and this addresses the epithelial cells of the skin and the gut, hence can help internally and externally. It also improves oxygenation with the Ferrum Phos. You can use all 3 together at the same time. If there is itching, or watery excretions, then Nat Mur can be added, and if with all of those you find the healing is slow, add Calc Sulph. So an alternative option would be something like our Immuno Synergy combination, and add the Kali Sulph.

      Good luck!

  12. I hope you can help, Im desperate now, have tried so many different approaches to fixing my dogs skin, the list of things are to many to number, Im now just trying to contain the problem with antibiotics which I hate but its the only thing that brings him relief. I use all natural products for myself and always seem to find a cure to most things but this has stumped me, his skin is just a mess red raw and breaking out in sores and scabs on his rump, shoulder, legs and in between his toes, its heartbreaking, I would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanking you Bernadette

    1. Bernadette I can imagine how stressful this must be for you as well as your dog. Has the vet diagnosed any kind of mites that might be contributing? Demodex for example? If so, you may find a spot-on type medication to deal with the onslaught as an emergency measure. From a tissue salt perspective, you could use Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Nat Mur, Silicea and Calc Sulph, or our Beauty Synergy and Immuno Synergy, which may also help overcome anything like a demodex infestation, and help you reduce the secondary infections (since you mention the use of antibiotics). I’m not sure if you are in South Africa, but I have just got in a wonderful living probiotic Coat Care spray product, that would probably be very helpful – I need to still get it up on the online shop, but you can let me know if you are interested in getting some. I’d certainly give that a try as well, to repopulate the skin with beneficial organisms.

  13. Hello,
    Do you have a recommendation for hyperthyroidism in my cat? I take the cell salts for everything with a lot of success, but I can’t figure out her. -Thanks!!

    1. Therese, apologies for a tardy reply. I was contemplating your question and then we ended up with a really hectic few days and it slipped my attention temporarily. Hyperthyroidism is quite challenging, and I would suggest trying the salts that affect the glandular system and the autonomic nervous system; i.e. Kali Phos, Nat Sulph and Kali Mur. For the hair loss that accompanies it you may want to add in some Silicea, which also helps to maintain the connective tissues and internal communication systems in the body. Calc Phos is often indicated in appetite problems – anorexia, malnutrition etc; not sure if your cat is eating like a demon or has progressed to the stage of being anorexic unless medicated. I assume she is on hyperthyroid medication, and would certainly continue with this until your vet is happy to reduce the dosage.

  14. Hi I have a 10 1/2 yr old persion/ragdoll cross that had bad cat flu for several months and now suffers from what I think is chronic sinus. She was very very snotty and sneezy until a friend recommended starting her on Schuessler Tissue Salts for Sinus (Comb Q = Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph & Nat Mur). She’s been having approx 1/4 human tablet crushed in her food per day for about 5 days and has steadily improved until she’s about 80% better. Just wondering if this does is OK?

    1. Hi Jenny

      Sounds like you are doing just fine – the tissue salts should continue to help her improve and cope better. Keep going with them until she is over it completely.

      Best wishes

  15. Hi Alison,
    Thank you so much for the advice – above all – thank you for sharing your expertise so freely so that our precious four-legged companions might suffer less as they selflessly fulfill their missions.
    With Love in Divine Spirit,

    1. Hi Dawie

      Thank you very much for that – I deeply appreciate the attitude of gratitude!


  16. Hi Alison,
    I’m searching for help regarding my 5 year old female cat. A few days after rescuing her from a tree, I had her spayed through necessity. Unfortunately she was already pregnant for the first time – she was a small kitten at the time. Subsequently during every mating season – start to finish – she develops a severe itch around the head and neck. This leads to mutilating scratching and non-healing of wounds as the scabs that form are hard, causing further discomfort and scratching which tears the scabs off. New scabs form and the cycle repeats. The Bulbinella sap that I apply is either licked or scratched off again. To date I’ve not been able to find a suitable antihistamine that will relieve the itching.
    Would there be any Tissue Salts or combination of, that would ameliorate this suffering due to hormonal loss from an absence of ovaries and uterus that you could recommend?
    The Vet admits that there is no safe Allopathic hormone replacement treatment available.
    With Love in Divine Spirit,

    1. Hi Dawie

      I would try giving her either the Calc Sulph No 3 or the Pure Synergy, together with the Beauty Synergy. It would be a good idea to start right away, even if she isn’t in the cycle at the moment. If she is suffering right now, try to crush them into her food each time she eats, or alternately put about 5 of each into her drinking water (crush and dissolve in hot water first). Continue to give them at least once a day for a few months when things improve, and hopefully you won’t get this cycle recurring the next time. If it does, just increase the dose again with each feeding.

      I think that these should sort out the problem; they aren’t hormone specific, but the Calc Sulph is astro-physiologically related to the procreative organs, and deals with the slow-healing / non-healing of wounds. I would try these first, and if necessary you could add the Rescue Synergy that is stabilising to the autonomic nervous system.

      As a topical ointment I have often used the Bee Wise beeswax balm with great success for animals (including horses and chickens!), and you can add the finely crushed tissue salts to this as well if the wounds are really severe.


  17. hi-just wondering what you you would recommend for my 5 year male kitty who has an ongoing history of UTIs often with blood in his urine- antibiotics had cleared it up in past but comes back- have been working with more alternative remedies)(latest-a chinese herbal remedy) but still not getting it although helping-Simon(my cat) has a history of immune system weakness since pretty young(overvaccination I think) but with diet, etc, better but the UTI stuff still hanging on-Thank you so much for your help–Candace

    1. Hi Candace

      I’d suggest you try Immuno Synergy and the Pure Synergy, using them both as a routine, but then to use more of the Immuno Synergy (2:1 ratio) when it flares up. The Immuno will support the immune system functions, and the Pure the general condition of the urinary/excretory system – often with the chronic nature (refusal to clear up) there is an underlying acidity that the Pure will help to shift, allowing a little more ease in that system.

      If you are unable to get them, the numbers in the Immuno Synergy are 3, 4, 5, 9, 12; and in the Pure 3, 7, 10, 11, 12. I realise that the 3 and 12 double up, but they will strengthen and cleanse the cell tissues and gradually help to build protection against acidity.

      All the best

  18. Hi Alison
    I have a beautiful large dog who is only 4 years old. He seems to have some skin disease with very large calices on his joints and with some patches where the hair has fallen off. He smells terribly, really really bad and I have tried everything. The vet just keeps on giving cortizone but it keeps on coming back. Quite recently I started giving him apple cider vinegar and that seemed to help for a while but I don’t know if his body is now too used to it but it seems to be getting worse again, especially the odour.
    What do you suggest I try? I honestly feel so sorry for my big baby!

    1. Hi Sally

      Odour always calls for Kali Phos; I would suggest Kali Sulph, Calc Sulph and Nat Mur to help irritated skin (often help where cortisone is called for in skin conditions); Calc Fluor for the hardened calluses on the joint areas and Silicea for the hair loss and general connective tissue conditioning.
      So if you have access to our Beauty Synergy, and add Kali Phos and Calc Sulph to that it should help him shift towards being more comfortable within his skin, and for others to be around him.

      If the odour is the worst thing, give two of those to every one of the Beauty and Calc Sulph. It’s probably a good idea in in the beginning, every time you are aware of the bad odour, to give him additional Kali Phos. Hopefully he will just enjoy taking the salts without too much effort on your part.

      All the best!

  19. My cat has PKD – kidneys -in the early stages. What cell salts could I use please? I am very concerned. Thank you for all your good work.

    1. Hi Avril
      This is indeed a condition for concern, and I doubt that it will go away entirely; but probably you can optimize the outcome using the tissue salts.
      I would use Kali Mur, Kali Sulph and Silicea to strengthen the tissues; Nat Mur, Nat Phos and Nat Sulph to assist the renal function and fluid elimination (Silicea will help here too).
      If there are intermittent acute infections, you would need to add Ferrum Phos at those times i.e. when your vetinarian recommends anti-inflammatories or antibiotics (you can use this in conjunction with the medications).
      If you are able to get the Immuno Synergy together with the Pure Synergy, they contain an appropriate blend of tissue salts to support your cat.
      Please let me know with time how s/he does.

  20. I have two very ill little cats about whom I am very anxious, Tabitha and Fritz. Both are about 8, losing condition and have little appetite. Since Tabitha is drinking excessively I assume she has kidney failure via FLV virus (feline lymphoma)
    What tissue salts can you suggest please?

    1. Hi Helen
      I’m not sure whether you have a confirmed diagnosis from your vet? Those symptoms could also relate to feline hyperthyroidism, and your vet would be able to perform tests to diagnose it correctly and recommend a suitable medication or treatment option if it is so. (Although hyperthyroid cats usually lose weight and condition whilst eating excessively, some do present with the anorexic disposition as they start metabolically consuming their own muscle tissue.)
      From a tissue salt perspective, it doesn’t really matter what the disease ‘label’ is, and you could address the lack of appetite with Calc Phos, the excessive drinking with Nat Mur, and support the kidneys with Kali Sulph and Nat Phos. Others to consider are Nat Sulph, which generally helps elimination of toxins and supports the lymphatic system, and Kali Mur to support the glands.
      All the best.

  21. Hi there,
    Do you have a recommendation for my male cat who has some recurrent bladder issues and has a tendency to vomit with food after being on it for a couple of months?

    1. Hi Claire
      Our Pure Synergy (or its component individual salts) should be most suitable to help him. You can use about 1 of our large tablets per dose, about 2 times a day or as often as he eats, until you notice an improvement. Then just maintain with 1 a day, increase again if you notice any signs reappearing.
      If the vomiting continues you can try adding Kali Mur, but I would certainly ask your vet to check him out. Could there be a possibility of hairball accumulation, where a suitable feline hairball remedy could help?
      All the best.

  22. Hi Alison,

    Can you please recommend what tissue salts would be suitable for my cat who is 16 years old and suffering from Arthiritis and stiffness in her joints? Also what is the recommended dosage.


    1. Hi Madeline
      Our Arthro Synergy is a blend of the most important tissue salts for Arthritis and is simpler for animals as it is one tablet as opposed to blending your own. But that you can do easily too…

      Nat Phos, Silicea and Ferrum Phos are probably most important; then Calc Fluor and Kali Sulph. I usually would start with crushing about 1 of our large tablets per dose, about 2 times a day or as often as she eats. You may need to do 3 tablets of each depending on the product you are using, or alternately more frequent doses to get a significant boost.

      Wishing you all the best with your kitty.

  23. Hi Allison
    Thanks for the advice. Pablo (the old man) is doing very well and eating like crazy. Looks chirpier and his eyes are brighter. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Take care

  24. Thank yöu very Much for your response Alison!I will definately give those tissue salts a try!Hope it will work,kind regards…

    1. Hi Karen
      If you are in one of the main areas, there is a list of stockists on the site. I would advise calling in advance, just to see whether they have stock at the time.
      If there isn’t a nearby stockist, you can order online from us by selecting and adding the item to the shopping cart, registering as a shopper in the online shop, and processing the order there.
      If all of that doesn’t work, you can always call the offices and place an order, on 021 761 2808.
      Kind regards

  25. Hi dez,

    I hope you will beable to help me,my cat dissapeared last week,came back home with hes left front paw curled inwards walking only on hes wrist,he seems to have a small cut on hes paw.I assume he has radial nerve paralysis because the paw just dangles along.I try to put hes paw in water twice a day and move it around for him to hopefully regain feeling,and i also try playing with a piece of string to get some movement out of him,he can move the leg,just cant control hes paw anymore,Any tissue salts that can help him?The vet prescribed Brufen and amoxil,but i dont think its helping the main problem.He is a lovely 4 year old,very playful and healthy,i dont want to resort to amputation either,please help! 🙁

    1. I’d try Kali Mur to rebuild the fibres, Mag Phos for the motor nerve function (paralysis) and Kali Phos for the sensory nerve function aspect. Silicea is always good for healing the connective tissues too, and forms the nerve sheath. The Rescue Synergy has these in it, if using them separately is too much of a hassle.
      I hope that your kitten’s paw is able to heal i.e. that the nerve isn’t totally damaged or severed, but the salts will certainly optimise the chances of it doing so.
      All the best,

    1. Haha, we were writing at the same time. I thought you may have chosen the Kali Phos because of the age dynamics.
      The Kali Sulph will be fine as a source of potassium, and helps the renal function too. It also is the chronic condition salt – so see how you get along.

  26. Hi Alison
    i have an elderly cat who has very bad teeth, but is too old for me to have them cleaned. He’s recently lost a lot of weight and I’m not sure whether he has chronic renal failure. His appetite is still good though and I’ve started giving him a daily dose of Moducare which seems to have perked him up a little. I was wondering whether I should give him additional potassium – so bought Kali phos for him today. Do you think this was the right choice or should he be getting other tissue salts as well?
    Many thanks – so glad that you are advising folks to try alternative remedies instead of toxic drugs.
    Kind regards all the way from Africa!

    1. Hi Dez
      I’m sure the Kali Phos is a good choice for him; the other one that is helpful for elderly beings (of all species) is Calc Phos, and this will help general cellular nutrition and repair, besides fortifying the bones and teeth.
      If there is any renal failure, you could just go to our Rescue Synergy later on, which has the Nat Phos as well as the Nat Mur and some other priority salts, but perhaps see how you get on with this first.
      I hope it goes well, and best regards to you too!

  27. Hi There

    I was wondering if there was a tissue salt I could use for two cats who have been brought together as adults. they do not see eye to eye. one very dominant but wanting to be friends. one very shy and timid and hisses constantly at the other one.

    1. Hi Helen

      You could try our Rescue Synergy (it’s just one tablet) or alternately give the individual ones, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Silicea, Calc Phos and Kali Mur being the most important of the ones in the Synergy for the stress you describe.

      All the best!

  28. Hi, Very interesting site! Do you have a remedy for my cat’s Lymphocytic/plasmacytic stomatitis? It can get quite acute at times with a terrible bad breath. Petru

    1. Hi Petru

      I would try our Immuno Synergy combination, which has a blend of anti-inflammatory and cleansing salts, together with the Kali Phos for its antiseptic and anti-necrotic action, that would also help the bad breath.

      Please let me know how you get on.

  29. Can you tell me what tissue salt to use for dental health for a sphynx cat female she is 4 years old. Also the daily amount to use. Thanks Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn

      I’m not sure whether you have a dental problem or not, but the general regime would be as follows:

      Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Mag Phos and Silicea to keep the teeth healthy as a maintenance routine. 1 tablet of each daily. The tablets can be ground and added to food if your cat isn’t too interested in having them on their own – some cats love them just as they are and will quite happily lick them up from a bowl or spoon.

      If the mouth is prone to infection, Ferrum Phos and Calc Sulph should be added. Then the dosage can be as frequent as with every meal, or even in-between meals if there is a lot of discomfort.
      Kali Phos for bad odour from the mouth.

      Abscesses would be all of them, the maintenance salts once or twice daily and the others 3-4 times a day in-between.
      You can add these to any medication your vet prescribes – i.e. don’t ignore pain or disturbance of eating patterns and neglect to seek vetinary attention.

      AllisOne tablets are equivalent to 3 of most of the other brands, so depending on what you are using you may need to multiply the doses accordingly, or use them 3x daily for maintenance etc.

    1. Kali Phos (would be the main one that stopped the bad odour), Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos were what he asked for, and I suggested he add Calc Sulph to promote cell membrane integrity as well.

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