Antibiotics, Infections & Tissue Salts

I read a very interesting comment on the use of antibiotics and our health this morning, and the rise of the superbugs. What are the tissue salt options?

Tissue salts are entirely compatible with any antibiotics or other medication your doctor prescribes, but perhaps before resorting to that, one can use tissue salts to restore balance. The big thing to be aware of is that many  infections are not bacterial, but viral, and antibiotics do not address viral infections. You should only use antibiotics if a sample tested shows bacterial infection, and then a targeted antibiotic for that specific bacteria should be used, rather than a broad spectrum one. Usually bacterial infections are secondary infections arising after initiating viral ones.

For example, at the first sign of a cold or flu, the body gives some pre-warning signals. One of two things usually happens before pain, infection or temperature occur.

  • Mucus becomes albuminous – slightly thickened and clear, much like a raw egg-white in consistency. This is the signal that Calc Phos is required, use it frequently, as often as one tablet every 10-20 minutes if the sign persists. This is usually the case of feeling ‘snotty and horrible’ but not yet ill.
  • Mucous becomes clear and watery… there may be sneezing at this stage, eyes watering or itching. This is the signal for Nat Mur, use frequently as described above.

Both of these pre-warning signals may occur in cycles, there may be post nasal drip, or in children a constant nose to wipe. The two salts may be taken together or in alternation as required. I usually add Ferrum Phos at the first sign of any possible infection too, which is the one that comes next, in order to boost the self-defence. Hopefully, if you have started with the tissue salts soon enough and taken them frequently enough, you will avert the ongoing cycle at this point.

If the imbalance is not corrected, the first stage of inflammation presents. The sore throat, perhaps a cough, a raised temperature. This is the signal for Ferrum Phos, also used frequently. The temperature at this point does not exceed 38.5 deg C.  Perhaps your doctor recommends an anti-inflammatory at this stage, and this will alleviate the temperature for a period of time. One should use the Ferrum Phos in conjunction with the medication – it increases oxygenation and helps the self-defence mechanisms of the body.

If the fever exceeds 38.5 deg C you should definitely see your doctor, and make sure to add Kali Phos as well. Very high fevers are extremely dangerous and can literally kill cells  – virtually cooking them. This can lead to situations of ‘septic fever’ and septicaemia. Kali Phos helps to manage very high fever, promotes the vitality of the cells, and is a natural internal antiseptic. This type of fever may also present hot and cold sweats. In this case Nat Sulph is required to help the body eliminate the excess fluid and toxins instead of sweating them out.

When infection persists, the next stage is that of the mucous changing, and congesting. Here you need Kali Mur for white mucous, Calc Fluor if it is golden and hard, or Kali Sulph if it is yellowish-green in colour. Use the tissue salts  in conjunction with any antibiotic your doctor may prescribe.

An acidic build-up can occur with pain in the muscles or joints. In this case use the Nat Phos to neutralize the pH and Calc Sulph to protect the cell membrane integrity to prevent more cell death due to exposure to the acid. Finally, Silicea will help to clear the connective tissues.

If you are an astrologer, you will notice a sequence starting in Capricorn, following the zodiac allocations of the salts back to Sagittarius. For Aura-Soma enthusiasts, this is the colour sequence starting from Royal Blue, around the colour wheel and back to Blue.