Find Your Synergy

Synergy RangeI’m delighted to announce that our complete Synergy Range is now available! Arising out of 17 years of experience and observations, the AllisOne Synergy Range is  designed for ease of use. The Immuno Synergy and Rescue Synergy have been well received since their introduction in May 2011, and we are sure their siblings will delight you too!

Within the Synergy Range are the basics of systemic care of the body, and they are ideal to use as tonics to maintain wellness:

Arthro Synergy to condition the joints; also facilitates athletic performance and recovery
Beauty Synergy for skin, hair and nail care for all ages; harmonises stressed skin; formulated for optimal ageing
Immuno Synergy to assist the respiratory and immune systems; the environmental allergies and hayfever blend
Osteo Synergy for bones and teeth; for pregnant women, growing children and teething babies as well as older, weaker bones or fractures
Pure Synergy to harmonise the liver, pancreas, urinary and digestive system; for breakouts, pimples, acne; and helpful for menopausal changes (Rescue too)
Rescue Synergy to nourish the nervous system and the heart; de-stressing, centering and revitalising energy – for all ages.

As with all tissue salts, the Synergy are safe to use at any stage of life, and in conjunction with any prescribed medication or complementary treatment. The Synergy Range form the basis of care, and it may be necessary to top-up with some of the individual salts contained within them if you are more deficient in a certain salt or two than others.