AllisOne Tissue Salts for Pregnancy, Infants and Children

Pompeo_Batoni_Madonna_ChildAll of the AllisOne tissue salts may be used safely during pregnancy and lactation, and by infants and children.  Tissue salts are the mineral body-builders, thus they are necessary to meet the heightened demands for these minerals during ante- and post-natal physiological changes of the mother and baby, and for growing infants and children.Due to legal requirements on exports however, we are compelled to place a precaution advising people who are pregnant, lactating, or who have a medical condition to consult their practitioner; this is a standard practice with reputable products in the health industry.

Our formulation is a pure one part per million biochemic attenuation. The ‘Triple Strength’ refers to our larger sized tissue salt tablet, allowing you to use one tablet instead of three. This remains gentle enough for infants or children to use – for infants simply crush a tablet and rub a little onto the gums as required.

We’ve seen many bouncing babies arrive to happy mums who used our tissue salts throughout their pregnancy and after delivery to help with things like baby colic, acidic regurgitation or nappy rash, as well as for their own exhaustion and recuperation processes.