Why you need Kali Sulph – whether you’re a Virgo or not!

Virgo Kali Sulph and Beauty Synergy tissue salts

Although most of us in South Africa consider Spring to prance through our doors on September 1st, it’s just the whiff of her fragrance hinting at her arrival on the equinox. This year the sun crosses the equator on September 23rd to reside in the southern hemisphere for the next six months.

The last of the northern latitudes occupied by the sun marks the Virgo month. For those in the north, summer may offer the prospect of autumn. In the south, Old Man winter can hang on grimly – to see us pull out our woollies just when we thought we’d head for the beach. Kali Sulph is the tissue salt for this mutable time of year.

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Tissue salts for pets with fleas

Flea-free and part of the family

I receive many queries about pets and this is one that arrived this week. I thought I’d share the answer since I remember in my days before tissue salts really feeling helpless about our Maltese poodle who was doing just this, and then lost hair and got eczema that we were treating with cortisone on prescription from the vet. Fortunately I found tissue salts before it was too late, and we had very good results as a consequence.

Q: I wonder if you could suggest any Tissue Salts for dogs to take, they are constantly scratching and licking themselves – I’m sure they have fleas.
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