Neck Wrinkles

Q: I’m turning 45 but have a reasonably young complexion. I have however a lot of wrinkles around the lower and middle region of my neck which looks very funny because I don’t have much in my face. I would like to know why that is and what salts I can use?

A: I think what you describe has to do with connective tissue that has weakened with time, a part of the ageing process. It probably would move upwards and into the face as well with time, but luckily has not as yet.

I would suggest you use our No 1 Calc Fluor (Elasticity) to restore the elastic fibres, No 7 Kali Sulph (Skin Care) for collagen and No 12 Silicea (Rejuvenate) for connective tissue. You could add No 9 Nat Mur (Aquilibate) too – this allows the cells to rehydrate and plump themselves up to their correct moisture levels.

It may be a fairly long term undertaking as Calc Fluor is one of the salts that takes a while to show its effects, but things should not get much worse before they improve. Would suggest you start using at least double our recommended daily dose.


At the time of this post, we didn’t have any Synergy combinations available. Or course our Beauty Synergy deals with this (and many other skin concerns) covering all the salts mentioned above.