Can one be sure that a tissue salt molecule is actually in the tablet?

Tissue saltsQ: I read the article about tissue salts.  If the dilution is 1 active molecule (salt) to 1 000 000 molecules lactose, I was wondering if one tablet contains 1 000 000 molecules and if one can be sure that a tissue salt molecule is actually in the tablet you take?

A: Each of our 500mg tablets contains 500ng of tissue salt. During the manufacturing process, the tissue salt is sequentially blended into the diluent (and ours is not lactose) in a unique proprietary process.This results in the molecular bonds of the tissue salt mineral being broken down until you have a point where they can no longer be identified in a molecular form. If it has been done correctly, you will have a mineral energy carried in the diluent.

At a 1ppm dilution, this should result in a quantum particle that has the properties of material substance and of energy (light). These mineral energies can be absorbed easily by the cells and converted back into material form, if required, or alternately just used as energy for metabolism.

When you bite into a carrot or a bean, you can’t identify the molecules of salt, potassium or magnesium in the structure, yet the energies of the minerals are carried in the substance of the vegetables. A much simpler, but similar analogy would be throwing all the ingredients of a cake in a bowl together and roughly mixing it up using neither the correct sequence, nor appropriate blending, and then wondering why it results in a dense rock rather than a beautiful light sponge. The result has to do with the correct technique.