Roarsome White Lion Experience!

Father and sonIt’s been a little more than a week since returning from the incredible home of the White Lions of Timbavati. What a privilege it is to be able to share knowledge about tissue salts in this special place. I am grateful to all of the participants who made the journey to the heartland of the lions for making it a fantastic workshop. There were 7 from Cape Town, 3 from Johannesburg and 2 each from England and Belgium. It was a remarkable turnout for such short notice, especially for our inter-continental travelers.

After arrival and introductions on the first day, Jason and Don of the Global Protection White Lion Trust (WLT) team whisked us off into the bush in search of the magnificent lions. Everything changed after that. Looking into the lion’s eyes has an indescribable effect on one’s being. It’s as if your heart just opens and you are flooded with an intense feeling of peace. Time slows down and the fatigue and stress of getting there dissipates. Peace. Excited, but peaceful, was the feeling upon the return to camp.

I particularly want to share an interesting phenomenon that I observed on this occasion of presenting the workshop. At the beginning of class the next morning, I proceeded to do what I always do, and offered to check stress patterns in the participants’ energy fields. I always expect to find stress patterns in new subjects, and have only twice in my 16 years as a practitioner found balanced energy fields when people first arrive in my rooms for a consultation. I like to do this, even though I’ll be the first to admit that it is not considered a ‘scientific’ measurable test, but something consistent to my experience that I can use as a measure of change as the class progresses, and participants begin to use the tissue salts or Aura-Soma products. (I’m still hoping some inventor out there is going to create the appropriate scientific measuring device).

Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I checked the first volunteer and there were no stress patterns to be found; even more astounded when I found no stress patterns in the entire group! Given that some people had been traveling for more than 24 hours before arriving there, this was totally unexpected. It could only be something to do with the environment of Timbavati and the White Lions.

There were 3 people arriving on days after the first day, and when they did, I asked their permission to check their energy fields before they met the lions. I found the usual stress patterning that is common in most of my initial test subjects. Immediately after their first visit to the lions, and before using any tissue salts, I checked again. Wow! Beautiful, expanded and balanced energy fields.

It clearly had something to do with the White Lions. There is some kind of aura surrounding these magnificent animals that impacts on humans who connect with them. Perhaps it is the energy of love, because you just cannot help but feel that in their presence; or perhaps it is as the African shamans say, that the Star Lions are messengers of the light. (In the ancient Tsonga language ‘Tsimba-vaati’ means “lions from the stars”). My interim conclusion is that when the White Lions allow you make a connection with them, light fills and expands your energy field and something beautiful within you awakens.

Our workshop unfoldeFrog on orange rescued between visits to the lions, an exploration of the seasons of nature, human physiology, tissue salts and the visible spectrum of light. Everyone rose to the challenge of long days – getting up before dawn to see the lions and visiting them again after the class every evening, with balmy November hours between. I think everyone felt it was worth it.

Since my return I have received many e-mails and telephone calls from the participants, all stating how the lions are still very present – simply unforgettable. Before we got to Day 3, they were clamouring for a more advanced level tissue salts workshop, and Linda and I have proposed dates for 19-23 May 2011, with an option of an extra day visit to Kruger Park, and if interest is sufficient, an additional two days to visit the wild horses of Kaapse Hoop; this initial level of the course will be offered the following weekend 26 – 30 May 2011, with the options available to stay on there too. As soon as I have the costs for the options available, I will post these Sacred Journeys to Health up on our ‘Courses and Events’ Page.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the course and the opportunity of being with the white lions. I was so fascinated by the course and the connections you have made with the colour and astrology and the enormous amount of work you have invested in it. Your ability to make those connections and originality is really awesome and I wish you every possible success with it.’
– Julie Greensmith, Johannesburg

‘It’s been two days and unlike some getaways I think I still feel the effect of the amazing weekend we had. I hope it doesn’t go away soon…
I want to thank you for putting together this weekend; I met so many amazing people and I truly felt like I belonged. I hope to see you all soon, (before I get withdrawal symptoms ha-ha!)
Alison you are truly an amazing person, please keep me on your mailing list for anything and everything.’
– Lorna Coleman, Johannesburg

‘Thank you again for including me in the course. The info was really interesting, and I’m sure the salts will be most beneficial to my patients.
I’m at a loss for words regarding the Lions. Just one of those things that words cannot adequately express. It was ROARSOME!’
– ML, Cape Town

‘Thanks for the lovely time spent all together, it was awesome!!!’
– MC, Cape Town

‘It was just wonderful. We have been remembering and talking about the lions every day since we got back…’
– IJ, Cape Town

‘My life has changed forever… I wouldn’t have missed this trip/pilgrimage. As for the time, it seemed like a ‘long’ time!! I do so look forward to a more extended time with you and others next time. Thank you for all you do!!’
‘I continue to live in a lion’s world. Don’t know exactly what’s happening to me but it ain’t the same!! Can’t seem to disconnect from there.’
– Elizabeth de Jonge, Belgium

‘Waw… what an experience and indescribable feelings the visit to Timbavati was… The White Lions have changed me forever!!! So extraordinary!!’
– Mirjam Nafri, Belgium

‘The lions are also on my mind. I don’t think it is possible to see them and not be affected. As for those who shoot them, I can only think that they are desperately sad people who have lost their souls.’
– Cathy Eden, Cape Town

‘K and I are chomping at the bit to our next course with you! Do you have any idea on dates yet please?’
– SR, United Kingdom

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the brilliant Tissue Salt course! I really find the salts fascinating and you have so much information locked away in your head, I am in awe!  I could listen to you talk about them for ages and never get bored!  I am really excited at the thought of coming back in May and learning even more about the salts, especially in the wonderful environment of the White Lions!  My husband is going to come with me next time.
– KO, United Kingdom

(With credit to ML for inspiring the blog title).

Hunting Atrophy: Annihilation of a Global Treasure

The white lions are sacred to the indigenous Africans of the region, whose shamans had predicted their arrival for hundreds of years before they were first noted in the 1970s. From then on out, human greed ensured that they were hunted, or spirited off to ‘lion breeding programs’ or ‘lion parks’. Many of these facilities allow visitors to cuddle cubs, and as they mature, the lions disappear into the annals of the ‘trophy’ hunters. If you handle lion cubs, please be aware that that precious and cute little thing in your arms is most likely to end up in a very bad place once it grows up and gets expensive to feed.

I cannot understand the mind-set of modern people who wish to shoot lions simply for a trophy. Hunting for the pot is one thing, but to hunt an apex predator purely for personal ego is inconceivable to me. Perhaps they are ignorant of the fact, but in most instances these days the “big brave safari hunter” is shooting a lion that is relatively tame. The lion is taken from a cage where they have become accustomed to human care, put into the bush without food for a few days before the hunt, and then on the day is given a carcass that he proceeds to devour. Here he is ‘discovered’ for the hunter, and then shot with sophisticated equipment. Is this fair game?

It’s a sick industry, involving all types of lions in South Africa, the tawny and the white, that has become known as ‘canned lion hunting’. These lion ‘farmers’ claim that lions born in captivity cannot be rehabilitated to the wild. The work of the WLT shows what a lie that is and just how successful rehabilitation can be. It is, I believe, the most authentic conservation program of its kind in South Africa, if not the world. The canned lion industry needs to be canned.

The white lions are endemic to the Timbavati, and until Linda and Jason’s work, they had become extinct in the wild, even though there are plenty of game reserves in the area. Sadly, many of these reserves support the hunting of lions, and will sometimes obtain lions for the hunt from ‘breeding programs’. The hunting of wild tawny lions from this region eliminates the rare gene pool that gives rise to the white lion, because in a natural situation they can be born from their golden parents and, contrary to misperception, they are not freaky albinos.

The ultimate vision we hold is to see the hunting of lions banned in South Africa (or certainly in Timbavati for starters) so that the fences can come down and these magnificent animals are once again roaming their heritage lands. It is interesting that one of our northern neighbours, Botswana, leads the way in this and has a complete ban on lion hunting. At least there is a point of light in Africa revealing moral ethics in this regard.

Unfortunately, just as we returned from our trip, the South African courts have given these canned lion farmers an opportunity to appeal against the new proposed legislation, that many of us have worked hard for, that would have given the canned lions a little chance at having a life before being shot. The proposed legislation would have required that any lions being hunted had been rehabilitated to life in the wild for at least 2 years. The Predators Breeding Association has now challenged this, and canned hunting is right back on track. Of course the main reason behind the objection is that it is very expensive to rehabilitate lions to the wild, and the so-called industry perpetuates the myth that it is impossible to do. (There is a link to a report on this at the bottom of this article.)

ChameleonAs far as the work of the WLT goes, funding is urgently needed for more land that can be protected in order to continue the reintroduction programme of white lions into the endemic area, until lion hunting is banned and it is safe for the fences to come down. The work of the WLT also goes beyond the lions and is closely interwoven with the surrounding African communities, particularly focusing on empowering the school children in the area. These are our future leaders, and this is what the lion symbolizes.

This is about sustainable environments for humans and for animals of the region, with deep respect for nature. I am both humbled and honoured to offer my services in support of their authentic work. I offer my grateful thanks to Linda, Jason and the rest of the WLT team for the opportunity of doing so, and for their excellent hospitality.

The White Lions are a global treasure, not simply a South African one. Once they are extinct, it will be too late to realise we should have valued them more.

Please take a look at the White Lion Trust website to see the extent of their work.

If your angels tap you on the shoulder, you may make a donation here in our White Lion Emporium too.  Thank you if you do!


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  1. Mirjam Nafri says:
    June 18, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Thank you so much Alison & the White Lion Trust; Linda & Jason and the whole team for organising “the extended Tissue Salt Course” in Timbavati!!

    What a PERFECT concept: another amazing course on White Lion’s Territory..!! I just LOVE it & feel blessed to have experienced this!!

    We had it ALL…(thanks to Allisone!).

    The combination of roaring Lions at night, being able to see Mercury, Mars & Venus in the early morning, spotting & being with the Royals, even a private show by the Golden Girls, most intensive and “à la carte” course by you, délicious meals- thank you Dan!- good laughs, a beautiful bush walk, campfires under the mighty Milky Way (some of us even discovered their “personal constellation”-really cool haha)….

    Luckily the Lions “work” on our energy fields.. so we could enjoy loooooooong days !!

    Love & blessings to all creatures who made this unforgetable trip possible,

    Thank you,


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