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When people ask how to use tissue salts when they are generally healthy, I usually recommend that they follow the Moonsign Calendar by clicking on the day and revealing which of the salts are optimal to supplement on that day. I was delighted to receive this feedback on 11 January 2011 and asked if I could share this experience here:

Hi Alison

The Moonsign Calendar is exactly what I am looking for.

I have been using your Tissue salts with my family for over a year now whilst following the moonsigns and have found our general health to have improved tremendously. I have 3 young children who are naturally prone to picking up coughs, colds etc from school and this has dramatically decreased with the use of your Tissue Salts.

Thank you & have a glorious day.


PS The Tissue Salts I ordered yesterday, arrived this morning which is super-efficient.





One thought on “Moonsign Calendar Feedback”

  1. Thank you so much Alison & the White Lion Trust; Linda & Jason and the whole team for organising “the extended Tissue Salt Course” in Timbavati!!

    What a PERFECT concept: another amazing course on White Lion’s Territory..!! I just LOVE it & feel blessed to have experienced this!!

    We had it ALL…(thanks to Allisone!).

    The combination of roaring Lions at night, being able to see Mercury, Mars & Venus in the early morning, spotting & being with the Royals, even a private show by the Golden Girls, most intensive and “à la carte” course by you, délicious meals- thank you Dan!- good laughs, a beautiful bush walk, campfires under the mighty Milky Way (some of us even discovered their “personal constellation”-really cool haha)….

    Luckily the Lions “work” on our energy fields.. so we could enjoy loooooooong days !!

    Love & blessings to all creatures who made this unforgetable trip possible,

    Thank you,


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