Save Our Supplements

Save our supplementsBackground to the current crisis

On the 15th of November 2013, the Minister of Health published regulations for the health products industry that will see between 60% and 80% of nutritional supplements removed from South African shelves. These products are freely available in most countries, and many are considered food supplements by the World Health Organisation.

 The health product industry has been asking for appropriate regulations for over 25 years. All the years of engagement, hard work and the agreements reached between the regulators and industry have been ignored!

These regulations are problematic and have been legally challenged in the High Court by the Health Products Association of South Africa. We should all support regulations that provide us with products that are safe, are of good quality and are effective. We should demand these appropriate regulations.

Please support the quest for APPROPRIATE regulation of Complementary Health Products in South Africa. Some good information can be found on the Traditional and Natural Health Alliance website (

Stand up for your right to freedom of choice of your health products and supplements, sign petitions where possible, and circulate the information to friends, family and colleagues, and on social media too. It only takes a few seconds to speak up and save natural supplements in South Africa!