Apollo’s Spider Bite or Wasp Sting

Apollo on his pillow
A rather unhappy chap with his swollen right lip, cheek and nose about 3 hours after the bite or sting; this was already an improvement after a few doses of tissue salts.

So many people are interested in using tissue salts for their pets, I thought I would share this personal event with you. Sometimes when first-timers see their pets respond so well to the tissue salts, they wonder if the tissue salts are suitable for their own use… I always have to smile when I tell them that most of my clients are indeed human!

This incident happened a while ago, when  we woke up to a little drama with our 18 month old Saluki. Just after 5am, still dark, he wanted to go out to see to his business. Apollo130802On his return he started running around in a frenzy, rubbing his nose on the carpet. I took a closer look and noticed the right hand side of his face swelling, and realized he’d been stung by a wasp or bitten on the nose by a spider – I don’t think bees are out before sunrise. As soon as their office opened, I phoned the vet who said that bites and stings rarely have an effect on dogs’ airways, and that I should just soothe it with a warm cloth.

Front view of swollen cheek
His face from the front, showing the swelling and some distortion of his face.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take any pictures during the initial crisis time, but I ran to grab my Immuno Synergy tissue salts, crushed a few and gently put them into the corner of his mouth. This was quite difficult to accomplish as there was a lot of pain and swelling.

Apollo allowed me to repeat the tissue salts process every 15 min or so for the next hour… about 3 or 4 tablets at a time. I left him to rest for a while on his favourite day bed with a view of the river. Usually he is charging about with his brother Phoenix at this time of day, patrolling the fence line as the riders and dog-walkers go by. He was clearly still out of sorts .

Swelling reduction an hour later
A reduction in the swelling about an hour later.
Another dose, and it’s disappearing quickly now.

I persisted in giving him more of the salts whilst there was still evidence of his facial swelling.

About an hour later he came upstairs to see me, and I was happy to see that much of his facial definition had returned. As there was still a slight swelling on his right lip area, I gave him the last dose of salts for the morning.

He lay down in the bedroom keeping a low profile for another half hour or so. I opened the door onto the balcony and he stepped outside with me. Then to my delight, he started showing his usual interest in what was happening around him, scouting the fence line for passers-by, and then running around and wagging his tail. I now knew that he was on the mend.

Back to normal again within 6 hours of the event.
Our happy Saluki scout again, with no sign of discomfort at all.

Needless to say, tissue salts are just as effective for humans, if they are willing to try! The key is always to persist with regular intake of the salts as long as evidence of the discomfort remains.

What I love about seeing the effects of tissue salts in animals is that animals have no belief in the healing outcome (as many of those uninitiated to tissue salts prefer to believe) and therefore no placebo effect in the process.  There is a definite physiological change as evidenced in this story, so it is also not the fact that one’s pets are responding only to the love, care and empathy from their human companions.



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