2016 Fate of the Nation

2015 CapricornCarrying over from the events in the last quarter of 2015, the voice of the youth features strongly during the first few months, with some revolutionary expectations.  They are sincere in their conviction that things can never be the same again, and that change is within their grasp. Aware of the power of communication, they use the social and traditional media effectively for their voices to be heard and influence the citizens. Demands for change in institutions such as universities, banks  and possibly the judiciary persist together with a sense of defiance in the face of authority and previously accepted norms.[1]

National honour and reputation is in a sad state. Government remains entrenched in a cycle of corruption that keeps the status quo the way it is – officials continue to abuse the tax-payers’ money for their own self-enrichment (and that of their friends); they are a band of colluders with their fingers in the taxes and have regard for little else than their own sense of  avarice. Lavish, luxurious lifestyles for the rulers whilst their minions suffer has lessons in the past that this government would do well to heed.[2]

The Treasury remains in a bad way after the crash of the currency due to internal as well as external factors. Restrictive measures in the Treasury mean less spending money available to the man in the street, inviting a recession if not properly managed. The currency remains weak during this period, as fiscal discipline is mandated.[3]

Although loyal to the ruling party, the people are conflicted, beginning to resent those in the government and align with the youth, feeling more powerful in terms of shaping their destiny. There is a very good chance that they will exercise their democratic right later in the year with the local elections if their point of view is ignored. Government is of the mind-set that they are in charge and has little regard for them. The President seems to be out of the limelight for the time being, put into some form of political restraint after the events in December, but could well be planning his next move.[4]

Agriculture, mining and land dynamics are a big problem during this quarter. Feeding the nation – people and livestock – will become a huge problem for the government, who take a weak, defensive and irresponsible lead in confronting the issue. Land matters will also become the fodder of electioneering and revolutionary types of protests for reform with some opposition parties pushing for power in this way. Government candidates will also defer blame for the response to the agricultural disaster and attempt to influence land-hungry voters with militant ‘take over the farms’ spin-doctoring.[5]

2016 AriesThe Presidency dominates the national attention for the remainder of the year wherein, at some time after the southern autumn equinox, one of two possibilities are indicated. Either the president manages to reclaim his power over the nation by doing something that elevates his standing in the eyes of the people, or there could be a new incumbent of much better character and esteem, a new beginning in terms of leadership. This version of the presidency is popular with the youth and the people. [6]

2016 CancerIt is likely that the ruling party will take strain in the local elections; some irrevocable damage and consequential change will happen in government this year. It could also be that the nuclear issues are part of this story. [7] It looks very possible that the president will retire to his farm homestead with his wives at some time after the winter solstice – perhaps on suspension or recuperation. The opposition will have a sense of national power due to winning local districts, but are hamstrung in terms of  parliamentary control remaining with the current ruling party who will manipulate power at all costs. [8]

Riots, protests and demand for societal change by the youth and opposition continue to plague the traditional institutions. The workers’ unions will be at odds with the government. [9] The currency remains open to manipulation by foreign interests and although attempts to recover, remains weak, and foreign debt is of concern. There could be a shock around government spending or taxation after September –possibly to do with funding institutions, aircraft or transport carriers. [10]

2016 LibraAfter the September equinox, there seems to be a national shape-shift and confusion as we ponder our national identity. There remains a rise in socialistic challenge to a more austere government authority as the presidency issues are finalised. [11] There could be a political ‘death’ to the president and some in the ruling party during the last quarter. There is a good chance that they are funded and thus under the control of foreign interests. [12]  Foreign parties may also be granted influence over agriculture, land or mining rights in South Africa, to the detriment of our people. It looks as though treasury will experience severe difficulty in regard to making payments to foreign partners. [13]

2016 CapricornSo, will the president be replaced? In all likelihood, yes. But it will be a bit of a rough ride ahead as he takes some of  ‘the king’s men’ down with him.  Things look a little brighter toward the year-end and into the first quarter of 2017, but we remain challenged to sort out the complex societal, institutional and governmental changes demanded by our people and recover from the symptoms of a national post-traumatic stress disorder.

Astrological references for those so inclined:

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  1. Hi Alison,

    I remembered reading this earlier in the year and I went back to find it tonight. I am completely blown away!

    Please share more of these. I really feel that we need more of this wisdom now.

    Lots of love

    1. Thank you Simone 🙂
      I have quietly been waiting for news of an exit strategy for the Commander in a chief; saw some hints of that in the press today and it it’ll really be a wonderful outcome. I must look at the Libra Equinox chart again, given that we have more context given the time that has since passed.
      Lots of love,
      Alison xx

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